Baccarat Easy Twist Pressure Cooker 7L

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Professional Easy Twist Pressure Cooker - The Fast Way To Cook!

Want to cut your cooking times by up to a third? If you've answered in the affirmative, then consider getting yourself Baccarat's Easy Twist Pressure Cooker in Stainless Steel.

It forces super-heated steam through the foods and the result is quick, convenient and, yes, tasty cooking. Not only that, but the unit looks super smart and tidy and it's dishwasher safe... and did we mention that it's compatible with induction stovetops?

As you can see, this is a pressure cooker that can take a lot of the pressure off of you. Always a good thing.

Comes with a stainless steel steamer basket and tripod.

About Baccarat

Coming onto the scene in the early 1990s, Baccarat quickly established itself as a leading Australian cookware and kitchenware brand. Their bakeware and cookware products are exemplars of the industry, and Baccarat is proud of the reputation it has built for itself.

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Construction:1.2mm stainless steel
Base:3.5mm encapsulated
Surface:Stainless steel mirror finish
Dimensions:22 cm (diameter)
20 cm (height without lid)
25.5 cm (height with lid)
Capacity:7 litres (maximum food volume 4.7 Litre)
Working pressure (KPA):80
Safety valve (KPA):4
Cleaning/care:Dishwasher safe

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I don't know how I lived without a pressure cooker in my life
This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Curries, soups , casseroles, shanks and chickpeas have all been effortlessly made using this. I no longer have to stir and monitor a curry for 2 hours to get tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat. When the flame in my oven oven went out sometime during the last hour of baking pork ribs, it and the trivet came to the rescue. That was a revelation, no more baking ribs for 3 hours. I will never go without a pressure cooker again.




Fantastic product!
I bought this item after much online research! I have to say that not only am I impressed on the quality of the item, but also the professional customer service delivered by Kitchenwaredirect! Very very happy and will be back again in the future. Thank you




Fantastic Product
My mum told me that she would be able to be in the kitchen without the pressure cooker and now I know why. It is the easy and fast way to cook and healthier way eat. Yes mum I listened and I'm very happy. This new twisted version is great, easy to store, easy to close & open and very safe. Very happy with the purchase of Baccarat!

Danka Warren

Noosaville, QLD


Better than advertised !!
This pressure cooker lives up to all expectations and exceeds some! Easy to use, it makes the longest cooking jobs a breeze. Don't put it off buy one today you won't be sorry..and delivered next day . Thanks Kitchenware Direct


Winthrop WA


You won't regret it!
I love this, I choose this pot because it doesn't have a long handle that sticks out (better for storage), The pot itself is made to a high standard and the twist lid is super easy to operate. I have made 4 meals with this pot so far. The lamb shanks that normally take 3.5 hours to cook was made in 35mins!!! I seriously couldn't believe it but the meat literally fell off the bone, the flavours were so intense! I also made curry that normally take 1.5 hours to cook in under 20 mins. I wish I purchased this pot earlier, it would save me heaps in gas bill.

Lee Lengerer



What a winner
Easy to clean and use. Cuts down cooking time, think lamb shanks mid week, tasty chilli con carne and Guinness stew. Nothing like the old school scary sounding pressure cookers. It took me a while to buy one, did my research and glad I bought it, especially for a Melbourne winter. PS the Baccarat cookbook is pretty woeful but heaps of handy hints online.

Sister Bliss



Very easy to use and clean. Intensifies the flavours in the dishes in such a short time. Ordered one day and had a pot roast cooking in it the next night.


Carramar, WA


baccarat professional easy twist pressure cooker 7L
I used this last week to prepare dinner.I am so happy with the result. Impressed with Kitchenware Direct with their efficient delivery.

judy pieres

new south wales


It's brilliant!
I don't know why I took so long to get one. The official description says it cuts cooking time by "up to a third", which is utter rubbish, it cuts the time TO a third. Easy. Maybe a quarter. Lamb shanks with tender meat faling off the bone in 20 minutes, osso bucco in 20 minutes, meatloaf, whole chickens... basically everything I've tried takes 20 minutes. Except potatoes, they only take 8. ;)


Norwood, SA


economical & easy to use and clean.
first time user of pressure cooker Baccarat have done a great cuts beautiful in short time,chicken very moist i have given away the slow cooker.


McCrae Vic.


Love It!
I bought this pressure cooker because I have the same model in a 4 litre but I wanted something bigger. So easy to use.


Berkeley Vale NSW


Not overly impressed with the quality
I bought this because I needed a new pressure cooker & after reading the + reviews it seemed a good buy. The handle came apart after using it for a week! The silver plastic top continually falls off & I am not impressed at all!


Coffs Harbour


Good quality! Highly recommended!
This is my first pressure cooker purchase and I'm so annoyed I didn't think of buying one earlier. I've cooked 2 dishes so far and the cooking time was about 1/3 of what it would normally take with regular cooking. A beef stew took 40 mins! The unit is very easy to use, very good quality and I love the twist top lid. It twists open so smoothly. There's nothing I can fault so far so would definitely recommend it.


Perth, WA


Fast and efficient cooking! Yay!
Love the fact that my pressure cooker looks lovely and works so well. My cooking times are actually halved which is useful with a baby in the house. The easy twist open and cool grip handles make it a dream to use.


Normanhurst, NSW