Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister

Betty Bossi

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Create restaurant quality garnish with the Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister!

This ingenious award-winning device from the innovators at Betti Bossi is the latest craze in speciality tools. Simply place your favourite vegetables inside and twist to create effortless piles of twisty "spaghetti" for delicate salads or lush blossoms of curls for garnish. It's so easy to use even the kids are going to want in on the action, and the results so stunning you'll never fail to impress your guests. For the cook who has everything, the Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister is a must!

This innovative Vegetable Twister also comes in pink!

Undeniable innovation with Betty Bossi

Betty Bossi are renowned for their diverse range of high-quality kitchen products designed to make your time spent preparing and cooking more efficient and convenient. Though some of their products may look a little 'odd', each is undeniably innovative and practical. Before becoming the global empire it is today, Betty Bossi began as a humble magazine publication.

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Construction: Plastic
Blades: Stainless Steel
Length: 16 cm
Diameter: 6 cm
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher Safe
Origin: Germany
Additional Information: The Betty Bossi Vegetable twister consists of three parts: twister screw, spiral holder and spaghetti holder. The holders are fitted with stainless steel blades which can be seen in the base of the twister. The spiral holder has two blades; the spaghetti holder only has one blade.

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Great Noodles!
This great little device worked a treat making zucchini noodles. I did have problems when I tried carrot but after a bit of trial and error I got it to work. On the down side it took me a while to make enough noodles for a family of 4!




Great Vege disguiser
My husband does not like vegetables so I thought I would purchase a Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister. The best purchase I have ever made. Not only is it well made and robust it is easy to use. The thing is that Hubby is actually enjoying his vegetables for a change!




Easy to use, definitive spirals, hubby impressed. Great for roasted honey carrots, steamed vegies,"pasta", and salads. Need to be careful to clean all debris away from blades and dry well. Would recommend.




has it negatives
Yes it does make zucchini pasta and do the job it says it will do, however you wouldn't want to have weak wrists or RSI. It's not that easy to use immediately, although I can imagine it would get easier. Cleaning is not difficult, but it's not easy either. My sister-in-law says she's cut her hands on it (I haven't) Too much food is wasted at the end of the twisting and it's impossible to do a thin carrot. All in all, there are much better products on the market. My daughter bought me a cheap mandolin which I got used to and then gave me a more expensive one. The cheap one is the best I've used for julienning veges.




Simple and straightforward
Simple system to get nice spirals and wavy vegetables. Only issue is that it takes a while to do each piece and you have to cut each to a shorter length to ensure it works properly. At least your wrists get a workout!




Does wonderful things with vegetables...
This nifty gadget does wonderful things with vegetables. However, it might give you RSI in your wrist if you attempt to make vege spaghetti, as it will only take one small-ish piece at a time. That said, it's very easy to operate and clean.




Easy to use but difficult for those small pieces of vegetables
I love how compact this vegetable twister is. It's easy to use and cuts carrot and zucchini spaghetti beautifully. The only downside is the spaghetti function doesn't work well with smaller pieces of vegetables...also, I find it a little difficult to clean the blades thoroughly, but other than that, love this nifty little tool.




Simple effective design
We bought the vegetable twister about six months ago and it works perfectly as described. It is really good on softer vegetables like zucchini, but also works effectively on carrots and beetroot. It really does allow you to replace pasta with a vegetable alternative. If Betty Bossi made a jumbo version I would give it a five star rating as the gadget would be just that bit more useful if it was 10mm wider.


Uki, NSW


Betty Bossi Vegie Twister Thingie
I had wanted something like this for a long time but was always hesitant in case it was a waste of money. Well I took the plunge and bought it and am very happy with it. It is very easy to use and makes great vegetable garnishes. I have used carrots, cucumber and zucchini so far. Easy to clean too. Will try doing potatoes with it next. Thanks Kitchenware Direct for the great service!!




Vege Twister
Simple and effective, as was described, turns a boring salad into a work of art


Sutton NSW


great gadget
I have just purchased the above and I am having a wonderful time in the kitchen trying out all the different ways of adding that extra touch to salads no to mention the fun my grandkids are having as they plough their way through the vegetables and salad items. It is also having the effect of eating more vegetables than I normally would as I prepare a huge plate of all things "Betty Bossied" and we snack healthily all day. Great product.




Betty Bossi is boss of the vegetable twisters
Simple to use and sturdily constructed, this gem allows the most novice of cooks to add a professional touch to salads, garnishes and however else their creativity decides they can use it - then just pop it in the dishwasher. Kids love using the veggie twister too, so it's a fun way to introduce them to the arts of cooking, as well as eating raw veggies, for they find it tempting to nibble at their own hand made veggie "pssghetti" as it comes out the twister.




I love this thing!
The Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister is brilliant! I am trying to cut down on carbs and this has been a great way to avoid giving up my favorite things. Last night I made Pad Thai with Pork and Prawns, substituting carrot and zucchini 'noodles' for the rice noodles. I've also made a raw zucchini pasta salad with pesto, lemon, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan and olive oil. I saw some other vegetable twisters out there when I was researching but none looked as well made, sturdy and easy to use and clean as this one. REALLY happy with this purchase!

Sally Bodman



easy to use
I have only used it once so far, I used beetroot it is very easy to use great for garnishing. I am sure it will be used a lot this summer




Fun way to increase veggie intake
This is great! I have replaced all pasta with vegetable pasta using this for the past few weeks and it's fantastic! My only caution is (especially with Zucchini) is to make sure it's the right diameter for the spiralizer. Even if you trim the sides it sometimes doesn't work out quite right. Other than that it's amazing.




Does what it promises!
Easy to use, finished veggies look great. Have tried carrot, cucumber and zucchini so far. Would definitely recommend!




Very easy
Just tried it for the first time after receiving it yesterday. It is so easy and the spaghetti shape comes out just like the picture. Haven't tried the spirals yet. A big hit with the kids! Very good quality product.


Mossman Qld


Actually useful
Works great and very easy to wind out the vegetables. Makes really nice zucchini spagetti. Great service from kitchenware direct




Great product
I actually ordered this vegetable twister fir my son who lives in Australia. He was so very pleased with the uniqueness and used it as soon as he received it. He sent me a message and said he had used it for his salad garnishes. It worked great . I thank you for good products and good service. I will be buying more products from you

Lorraine Lepkowski



Makes veggies fun!
What an amazing product, I have been using it to make vegetable spaghetti, the possibilities are endless – delicious with bolognaise or as a side to a main meal. It’s such a nifty little device that I bought a second one a week later for my mum, and she loves it too!




Excellent Little Gem
Love this product. It is easy and simply to use, doesn't take up much room. I have made zucchini spaghetti, carrot noodles and yet to make some potato spirals to make some spiral hash browns! Took a half a star off it for having to cut the vegetables in small pieces to use it and to unwind it to get the ends out.




Love it
Even got my husband enthused abut what he could for "Salads" if you new my husband you would know how impressive that is. A half a star off for having to unwind it




Great Product
I love this, is perfect for making zucchini spagetti, easy to use eay to clean and doesn't take up any room at all like some of the other tools on the market


Esperance, WA


Great little gadget
Some people simply wonder how you create such lovely designs, twists & curls. Presentation is important when you cook for someone else. Still need to experiment some more but I can definately recommend it!

Christien Mansfield



Love it
I really like this product although it can be a little fiddly. I have used carrot, sweet potato, beetroot, zucchini & cucumber in it with great success. Good way for kids to eat their vege's. My 5yo calls the carrots "slinky carrots". My fave is the zucchini which I have raw in place of pasta when making spag bog.


Perth, WA


Loved by Young and old
Great way for the young to eat fresh. A young 3 year old friend now eats cucumber by the plateful. Great way for help yourself salads with hamburgers. Less chance the salad falls off the roll. My Lot love it.




Great & easy to use Product
This is a very good product, thats easy to use such as thai & other salads, easy to wash and store.


Melbourne, VIC


Nifty kitchen tool
Bought this for a Christmas pressie for my partner, who is really getting into all different kitchen tools and practicing his presentation/plating. He already loves this, and it made quite an impression as he used it to create the decoration that surrounded the Christmas ham :)




Great Product
The finished result looks great in salads, also great for curly fries. Fantastic novelty for the kids!


Cedar Vale


Love it!!
Just received mine and made a salad lunch today that looked just like the professionals.


Corrigin WA


such a good little kitchen tool. love it for making my zucchini spaghetti. super easy to use and clean. highly recommend




love it!
very easy to use due to simple german design great fun kids love it!


hayborough, sa


Fun for your kitchen
It's good fun, especially with kids, really easy to use.

Liz Burton

Geraldton WA


Impress your guests
My friends were so impressed, I had to order them one. great for carrots - and jazzing up that toss salad.


Brookton WA


Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister
It's brilliant! I use zucchini, carrot, turnip, whatever I want, microwave 30 seconds, add pasta sauce and you've got veg spaghetti. Noodles for soup. Potato is brilliant in a soup this way as well.


Bright Victoria


Perfect Beetroot Garnish
I love this tool. I made beetroot spirals to top my salads. It was so easy to use and there was no pressure needed to turn it. The one downfall I found was trying to find carrots big enough to use in it because if they were too small, it wouldn't turn.


Ballan, Vic


Love it kids love it. Having lots of fun with it trying different foods in it. Very easy to use kids can even twist it it is so easy




Vegie twister
I found it easy to use, veges turn out great and it gives carrot a different texture. Also easy to clean.


Secret Harbour


Theory better than Practice
Didn't find this to be as good as I thought. I agree with Kerri Adelaide and wouldn't recommend as a must have.

Marg S



Presentation like a chef
I live and work remote. I love Kitcheware Direct. Easy to use. Great presentation.


Maningrida NT


Adds Pizzazz
A top quality cute little gadget that is easy to clean, takes up little room in a draw and is easy to use. Lebanese cucumber has a delicate delicious flavour spiraled. Also makes perfect carrot and zucchini spaghetti. Going to try beetroot next.




Amaizing tool
I love it and so do all the others I gave twisters as a present.I


Melbourne, Vic


Mmmm. Maybe it is just me
I thought this would be great for the kids, but all this gadget does is squash veggies. Have followed instructions to the T, but still no results. I will keep trying, but I didn't think it would be this difficult to use.




Vegie twister
I was a little sceptical that this may work well but it really does and its fun to use. Even kids can do it easily. Easy to use, easy to clean and a great price. Service from Kitchen Direct A1+


Adelaide SA


Lots of Fun!
Easy to use and clean. Makes creating special dishes a joy!


Nth Qld


Vegie vavoom!!
What a fabulous tool! So easy to use and so easy to clean. Vegies look great in a salad or used as a garnish. Very happy with my purchase!!!


Melbourne Vic


Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister
Excellent product, extremely versatile, very happy with it

Lorraine Mac



Betty Bossi Vegetable Twister
Love this!! The children love the curly carrots in the salad. Haven't tried it yet on anything else - but so far its great!

Cath T

Petrie Qld


Great tool but doesn't work on every vegetable. Fun though, and dishwasher-safe which is handy.


Melbourne, VIC


Cool Tool
Great for garnishing - simple to use, but takes a bit of time. Perfect service from Kitchenware Direct!


Sunshine Coast, Qld