Baccarat Luke Nguyen Carbon Steel Ceramix Wok 26cm


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Get superior cooking with Baccarat's line of cookware designed by renowned chef Luke Nguyen! This Carbon Steel Ceramix Wok features professional-grade construction and a chemical free, non-stick coating that heats twice as fast as other woks. With a specially-crafted bamboo handle to fit your hands comfortably, Luke Nguyen's Ceramix Wok is suitable for gas, ceramic and electric hobs.

Born in Thailand to Vietnamese parents and owner of Sydney's famed Red Lantern restaurant, it's safe to say that Luke Nguyen knows a thing or two about exotic Asian fare. The altruistic and environmentally conscious host of Luke Nguyen's Vietnam is proud to lend his name to Baccarat's products, and they're sure to inspire your culinary efforts.

Coming onto the scene in the early 1990s, Baccarat quickly established itself as a leading Australian cookware and kitchenware brand. Their bakeware and cookware products are exemplars of the industry, and Baccarat is proud of the reputation it has built for itself.

Construction: Carbon steel & bamboo
Surface: Ceramic
Non-stick: Yes
Diameter: 26cm
Hand wash only. Suitable for gas & electric stove tops only.
Origin: China

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