Cuisinart Hot & Cold Blender


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Cook, blend and serve hot soup!

Along with being a high-performance blender you are also able to cook, blend and serve hot soup in a fraction of the time. Yes, you heard that right: you can make soup with this blender. Don't believe us? Then watch the video above!

A heating plate is built into the pitcher assembly and there's nothing fiddly about it. Also, the buttons on the base make things as clear as possible. There's a timer for the heater (if you're not making smoothies), "Low" for melting butter and getting your onions and garlic nicely browned, "High" to boil the soup once you add the stock and "Simmer" to cook vegetables through.

When the soup is cooking you can even hit a "Stir" button to gently get the ingredients moving through the soup. If you like your soup with big pieces of vegetables, simply add them later in the process. If smooth soups are more to your liking then you'll want to make ample use of the blending functions. Creamy leek and potato soup can be ready in 20 minutes.

So, if you make soup often, you can put those pots and pans away. Making things even easier is the self-clean feature and the lid's built-in measuring cup.

Of course, when all of that is finished it does the job of a really good blender. There's a pulse feature and four blending speeds.

This appliance gives "running hot and cold" a really good name. Enjoy.

About Cuisinart

Offering cookware, kitchen tools and a complete range of high-end appliances, the Cuisinart company is a full-service culinary resource. With a firm commitment to quality, innovation and education, Cuisinart continues to lead the way into the future of cuisine. Plugged or unplugged, nobody covers the kitchen like Cuisinart.

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Construction: Glass, plastic and stainless steel
 - Cold Use: 1750ml
 - Hot Use: 1400ml
Dimensions: 20.5 x 19.5 x 46cm
Temperature Ranges:
High - 110C
Low - 84-90C
Simmer - 70-80C
Motor Power: 1150 Watts
Voltage: 230-240V
Hertz: 50 Hz
Weight: 5.55 kg
Warranty: Limited 3 year
Origin: China

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Up to the challenge!
Prior to purchasing this, I'd cracked the carafes of three different blenders with the same pea soup recipe (never seemed to learn to let the peas cool enough before blending!). When I read about this machine, I thought I might have finally found the blender up to the challenge. And boy is it ever! We LOVE this blender for hot and cold everything. And can I just say, it makes producing homemade baby food SO EASY. An additional note about my experience with Kitchenware Direct: I did have a small problem with the handle of my carafe, which developed a crack early on (I do think Cuisinart could strengthen the way the plastic joins on the handle, since the carafe gets very heavy when full and you have to grip it tight to avoid dropping it). I contacted Kitchenware Direct and they got back to me right away, passed my concern on to a Cuisinart rep, and an entire new carafe arrived shortly after. Have had no problems since. FANTASTIC SERVICE!


Wellington NZ


I thoroughly enjoy using this Hot & Cold Blender as I love soup, hot and cold. It is a no fuss machine and very sturdy after buying a cheaper version and have it last for two uses. I highly recommend this one for so many reasons.


Yeronga Qld


Brilliant Machine
I compared a lot of different brands both in Australia and in Hong Kong. I go for this one because it can really boil your food and the glass jar seems more suitable for hot food (than those BPA free plastic one). Price is also very reasonable. Use it to do a lot of soups and desserts. Easy to use and clean.




Fabulous machine
This does what it says it does. Don't know what I did before I had one. Does everything including frothing and heating the milk for a cappuccino!! It's amazing it doesn't put the baby to sleep! I highly recommend it - be creative - let your energy flow. This helps you become a creative cook if you aren't one already!

Suzanne Morey

Bassendean, Western Australia


Bought it as a gift
This unit was purchased as a gift for my son and daughter in law. I want to introduce an "on the leading edge" device, to make cooking fun for them.


Northern Illinois


Fabulous blender hot or cold
We are very happy with this purchase, easy to use, we can make delicious smoothies as well as soups!




Makes Great Soup!
Whatever soup I want to make the Cuisinart Hot & Cold Blender makes it with ease - and it tastes good too! Plus it cleans itself - Bonus!

Mary Cowie



I've been very impressed with this product. The blender functions are fabulous & being able to make soup from scratch in the one machine is so easy & mess free. We'll be eating lots more yummy soups this winter :-)


Vale View, Qld


Great blender
Very pleased with this blender and being able to cook in it as well is a bonus. Very easy to use just a great purchase


Gold Coast


fabulous appliance
After deciding I wanted a soup maker, my research led me to Cuisinart as the best manufacturer and Kitchenware Direct as the best price. So glad I have bought it, it is brilliant, well designed, easy to clean (the beaker does unscrew from the base) and makes yummy healthy soups in no time. It is certainly not a unitasker as it works brilliantly as a regular blender as well, best appliance I have.




fabulous appliance
After deciding I wanted a soup maker, my research led me to Cuisineart as the best manufacturer and Kitchenware Direct as the best price. So glad I have bought it, it is brilliant, well designed, easy to clean (the beaker does unscrew from the base) and makes yummy healthy soups in no time. It is certainly not a unitasker as it works brilliantly as a regular blender as well, best appliance I have.




Easy to use - smooth consistent processing -looks good - even easier to clean than conventional blender

Alistair McKirdy



Above expectations
This Blender heats rapidly and is so easy to use, blends both hot and cold perfectly. It is sturdy and the soup simmer function is such a handy inclusion. Love it.


Trinity Beach


Simple to use
After having it for a few weeks now I have perfected making smooth vegetable soups. It is so easy to use and really minimises cleaning. Simply cook, boil and blitz it all in the same container. My favourite so far is sweet potato, potato, leek and onion soup. Makes enough to serve a family of 4 and is perfect for a quick and easy meal on cold nights. Just put some water and a few drops of detergent in, turn the heater on and spin it a few times and it's practically clean.

Rohan G



Very impressed
I've used the blender for hot and cold and been very pleased with its performance for both. Soup is so easy - I'm almost looking forward to winter now. My husband loved the Bacon, Leek and Potato soup I made to test it out when it first arrived and the cookbook has given me more inspiration. It makes great smoothies too. I know I'll use it for many things.




love it
best thing since sliced bread love making soup with it ...easy and no mess


moama n.s.w


Delighted Wife...
I finally relented, found Kithchenware Direct, and purchased the applicance at a better price than I could find here or the US. And my wife is totally happy with the Hot 'n Cold Blender! I love the soup that it produces!

Alex Morgan

North Narrabeen NSW


Good help in the kitchen
I really enjoy the blender . I make smoothie every day , and also i enjoy more to make soup then before . The recipe there are easy to do and very taste . I'm very happy to have this help in the kitchen .




Cool & Fast!!
It's awesome, such as convenient, fast and easy!! can't describe in words!! have a try!!




leaking ~ electricity cut off
I was very excited to have arrived at my door step. Unfortunately, it leaks when I first attempt for my soup. Very disappointed!!




Best ever
I thought I had every kitchen gadget there was until I got the hot and cold blender - it is AWESOME - best purchase I have ever made and service from Kitchen Direct was excellent thank you




I love this blender. The directions are great and the first soup I made out of the recipe book was the odd sounding Parsnip apple and honey which turned out to be delicious. I was sceptical about the cleaning suggestion but washing per the directions was a breeze and seems to have worked well. The jug is quite large and heavy due to the heating base but still manageable for me.




This fantastic appliance is just amazing. Since we bought it, we have had "main course soups" at least twice a week. The recipes are very good but because the appliance is so easy, it encourages the user to try different mixtures. It is so good that I have bought a second one to take to our holiday house in Queensland. About the only thing it doesn't do is wash and iron.


Melbourne, Australia


No fuss, quick & easy to use
What a wonderful way to quickly make fresh soup. Put the ingedients in the blender, switch on and cook, blend as required and enjoy the soup. It is easy to clean, and a pleasure to use.

Marita Palmano



Best soup maker
A magic piece of kitchen ware. Soup making is so easy and as such allows a greater variety. Now in competition with the lady of the house as to who makes the best soup.

Graham Hanson

Ipswich, Queensland


have only used once, do love it, hope to use more in future. what a great idea, less to wash

joy orr



A Fantastic Addition
What a terrific machine, it took me a little while to use it to make soup but when I did wow how cool is it to do it all in one appliance it certainly makes life easier. Winter can come and I will be ready for it.

Lesley Healy

Long Jetty


I am Very Happy
I purchased this about a month ago and it's absolutely fabulous. I'm disabled and have limited energy, so it's been a wonderful way to cook up healthy meals. Typically 2-3 minutes worth of washing the vegies and cutting them, then the blender does the rest. I'm sure my health will pick up having more vegies. Also, I'm able to control how well cooked this is and retain the lush fresh colour of the soup, whereas in a pan I suspect it's always overcooked as the colour goes back to that dull colour. It's so easy to use that I can make a fresh batch up daily. The jug will come off the base of the jug and that seems to happily cope with my dishwasher. A good nylon scourer helps in wiping the base. Pumpkin & coriander soup is yum; zucchini & carrot soup is spectacular; broccoli soup is good (need to find a good recipe for this). I'd thoroughly recommend this for the elderly too. It's simple to operate and they can't burn the pans and forget to turn it off, as it turns itself off after it's cooked for the preset time. My only criticism of it is that you can't put the jug full of soup in the fridge unfortunately. But it's so easy to use, I'm just making smaller daily quantities, which is probably healthier anyway.


Melbourne, Australia


Compact, versatile, easy
Worth its weight in gold. A great multiuse spacesaver Whip up soup in a flash, great for Melbourne Winter. Love the recipe book full of great ideas for dips, salsas, hot and cold drinks etc. One of the most versatile products I"ve come across in my 77 years. The pricing and service from Kitchenware Diresct is A1. I might add that as a pensioner it was quite an expensive purchase but Cuisinart stands alone - I didn't hesitate when KD made such an attractive offer.

Patricia Ashton



What does one say? This was a Wedding Anniversary present from my husband. He loves soup! I was a little unsure about how good it would be BUT it is FANTASTIC. The only complaint I have is that the butter burned and I am having problems getting it all off the bottom. Otherwise it is the most wonderful appliance I have EVER had. As for the soup - WONDERBAR!!!

Meg Baldwin

Ipswich, Queensland


Just great!
I couldn't be happier with the product. I have soup on the go all the time, and I've discovered other uses such as making gravy or sauce. Also, the delivery was unbelievably speedy, just a couple of days even though I live in country W.A.

Joan Calley

Boyup Brook, W.A.


Really Nice
Recently purchased 2 of these. Vert happy with the appliance but not so happy with the cookbook. The coloured printing on coloured background is difficult for elderly people to read. Also the glue binding is not good - pages fell out after a couple of uses.

Jennifer Moran

Deception Bay


Wow. Fabulous product
I'm very happy. I just love soup and had been searching for a hot and cold blender since seeing them in the USA last year. I searched everywhere, including Kitchen Warehouse, and couldn't find any in Australia, although KW did advise me that they were arriving soon. As soon as I saw it on the website I pounced. It is fabulous and just what I was looking for. Winter will be so much better now. Thanks KW for being one of the first to stock them - and for posting so promptly. Great customer service as usual.

Wendy Grace

Mount Lawley


one less pan
Midland Kitchen Warehouse ordered of these in for me, before the book arrived so I got to play. Apart from the simmer being too hot(it burns butter) use low and it's fine, the device is great. Enough capacity for four. Can't wait to start with the bearnaise.

John Hodgins