Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender


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Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender - A One-Handed Master Tool!

When you have a 700-watt motor powering a unique Triblade Hand Blender in your hand, blending becomes easy. Efficient one-handed chopping, blending, mashing and whisking are just a few clicks away.

Those mashed potatoes that you now only make on special occasions? With this blender in your possession they'll be so easy to make that you'll have those fluffy spuds accompanying every steak you cook.

The whisk attachment is great for meringues; your desserts will become extra-special in no time. Maybe even worthy of a magazine cover.

Needless to say, making highly tasty and freakishly healthy smoothies will easily become second nature within days.

This thing could indeed have a profound effect on how you eat and drink, if you're so inclined.

Set Includes:
- Stainless steel blending attachment
- Big Foot pan blending attachment
- Masher and pureeing attachment
- Whisk attachment
- 500ml chopper attachment with lid
- 750ml calibrated beaker with lid
- Instruction/recipe booklet

About Kenwood

UK's Kenwood has been earning a reputation for innovation since the 1950s. Today they produce a wide range of appliances that make your life in the kitchen easier.

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Dimensions: 6.8 x 6.8 x 39.8cm
Unit material: Polished plastic
Soup XL pan blending attachment material: Plastic
Puree masher attachment material: Plastic
Chopper material: Plastic
Beaker material: Plastic
Whisk material: Metal
Blending attachment: Metal
Power: 700W
Speeds: Variable plus Turbo
Soup XL pan blending attachment: Yes
Puree/masher attachment: Yes
Chopper attachment: 0.5L, calibrated
Beaker: 0.75L, calibrated
Whisk attachment: Yes
Cord storage: Wrap
Non-slip base: Yes (beaker/chopper)
Dishwasher safe parts: Yes
Stainless steel blades: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year

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Kenwood Triblade

Wayne Armstrong

Kandos NSW


Kenwood Quality
Great stick blender with a great selection of attachments. Feel comfortable buying Kenwood appliances as the brand has a history of being study and reliable.


Tewantin Qld


Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
Loved the Kenwood hand blender, I made 4 dips in no time, I cook a lot and I wished I got one long ago.It saved me so much time.

Margit Puckeridge



Wish I'd bought one sooner
This piece of equipment was a wonderful addition to my vase aray of kitchen utensils because I actually use it. I havent been this empressed about and electrical since I bought my Kenwood chef 30 years ago. Just love it.


Albany Creek ,Q


So much better than my (very!) old one. Feels sturdy and I'm using it every day, which is the best recommendation. Very happy I bought this.


Sunshine Coast


There is nothing it can't do! I have had a few stick blender over the years, defiantly the best one I have had!

Emme Thorpe

Mt Gambier SA


Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
I purchased this blender so my son could make his health shakes, its a winner, they are ready in a matter of seconds. Purees soup in next to no time as well. One of the best purchases I have made in a long time.


North Haven, SA


Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
I purchased this item as a gift for my daughter ,as my daughter is a chef she is happy with the appliance ,but said she doesnt need to use some of the things that came with the package except for the mill as she is use to using a stick blender at work into all manner of recepticles,but said the extras would certainly be helpful to others .My daughter is totally happy with the performance of the blender .

Sandra Lobb

Huntly Vic


Kenwood Blender
Great little machine. Feels and works strongly and looks nice too. The attachments are handy and it is much better than any of my previous hand blenders.


Kiama, NSW


We use this nearly daily.
This immersion blender is the most often used cooking tool in our kitchen, apart from the stove. It makes pureeing soups and sauces SO easy and isn't messy, makes perfect whipped cauliflower/potatoes, and makes making fresh whipped cream a cinch. I would buy another in a heartbeat, if the need were to arise.


Sydney NSW


good for its proper use
I have just bought it a few days ago and It is very good for soups and light things. I have also tried it for cakes, but its anti-splashing tech makes it almost impossible to mix properly the eggs with the flour, and it is amazing how hot it gets in just a few minutes.




Something I've always needed.
Since I received the Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender I'm always looking for an excuse to use it! Ray.

Ray Francis

Mount Keira, NSW 2500


Lives up to the Kenwood reputation
It is so easy to use. Noted the comments about storage. I bought a small chain store basket and keep it all together. I just slide it out of the cupboard when I want it and all the bits are in one place. Does a fabulous job on mash potato. Can't fault this purchase.




Best kitchen tool
I've had my blender for nearly a year, not a single problem. I wish I'd had one years ago

Mary Elgar

Mt Hawthorn


Great Kitchen Addition
I've had blenders before, but this one is great. The attachments are all useful and so easy to use. Great buy.


Busselton WA


kenwood triblade
quality product,very easy to use,love this sight you guys rock!!!!


gosnells perth wa


Herbs and spices query
The blender is strong enough, but is a question of how much you want to grind or chop.Minimum is 100mls in the smallest beaker .. I would use a container especially for spices only, so you could use a smaller container, but would have to be wide enough to accomodate width of the blender. I would contact the Manufacturer, Kenwood for further info.I make a great pesto with cashews instead of pine nuts in the smaller beaker..but have never ground spices...perhaps a unit designed for that would be a better option... Blender is fantastic , but it would have its limits just like any appliance

Irene Petersen

Crestmead Qld


Awesome stick blender.
Love this hand blender. With all the attachments, don't need a bench top blender and can even do away with a food processer especially if you like me and only used the food processer for pureeing and not the grating attachements etc. Price is great too! The masher was awesome and so easy to clean..the metal cylinder for the main blender means no cracking (as with other models i have used...) love it, and hopefully being kenwood willl last the distance. Only bad thing was the whisk attachment was a bit of a challenge using with a bowl, but would imagine be fine with the kenwood jug.


Perth WA


Great Blender
Compact unit , easy to use with multi functions plus its 2 beakers and attachments makes this a great purchase . Reliable brand with plenty of power for the hardest of jobs. Good price and fast shipping.

Irene Petersen



Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
Excellent quality with a useful selection of attachments - I use the blender stick every morning for my smoothie and love the potato masher with comments of creamy smooth mash. Once again pleased with Kenwood quality and innovation but a storage unit would seal 5 stars


Brisbane QLD


Kenwood vs Chef
I purchased this for the Chef in a busy hotel bistro. The Manager had already purchased two stick blenders that had lasted only 30 seconds each! When I read the specs on this I felt it was up to the test and I was right. The blender is still working wonders and the accessories are great!




Satisfied customer
I love this product...produces the creamiest mashed potato with no effort at all..lightweight and easy to use. Great fast reliable service from Kitchen Direct once again.


Karalee Qld


Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
Love the blender - great for kids milkshakes and smoothies - easy to wash up - no mess IT IS A WINNER


Gold Coast


Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
I am so glad I bought this machine as it is powerful, though light to handle and easy to use.It produces such creamy mashed potatoes and makes light work of whipping, chopping and mixing. Thanks Kitchenware Direct for yet again wonderful prompt service,


Castlemaine, Vic


kenwood triblade hand blender
Love this blender. Makes great mash potatoe, whips egg white well. A veraitile blender. Well worth buying


Anna Bay


Kenwood Blender
I find this blender excellent, makes mixing, mashing and blending so quick and easy. I love it. Again great service from Kitchenware Direct. Will keep coming back.

Jan Ferrari



Kenwood Triblade Hand Blender
Great little machine. Chops cold meat nicely, mashes reallly well, greaat for soups. Easy to use, well labelled and easy to clean. Only thing that might have been handy was something to store it all in.


Busselton, WA.