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5-in-1 Multi Cooker - The Ultimate Winter Appliance!

Imagine if there was one appliance that could help you create a bunch of different dishes throughout the workweek. While many of us have the best intentions to create a variety of satisfying meals from Monday through Friday, the fact of the matter is most of us just don't have the time to do that; we find a few staple meals that are quick and easy... and very predictable.

Here's the remedy to dietary monotony: it's called the The 5 in 1 Multicooker. The one unit handles the workload of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, electric pan/pot, soup/rice cooker and steamer.We also sell the 6-in-1 multi cooker that features a deep fryer as well.

Features of the 5-in-1 Multi Cooker:

- Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Electric Pan/Pot, Soup/Rice Cooker & Steamer all in 1 appliance!
- High pressure for fast cooking
- Low pressure for improved vitamin retention
- Non stick removable cooking bowl (Additional bowls may also be purchased)
- Automatic keep warm function
- Count down timer
- 7 safety protection measures including patented locking system
- Stainless steel steam basket
- Detachable cord
- Stainless steel finish
- 160ml gauging cup
- Rice serving paddle

On Monday night, use the pressure cooker feature to whip up a whole chicken in less than a half hour or something like red beans and rice in 10-15 minutes. On Tuesday, take some of that leftover chicken and pair it with rice or make a soup, using the---you guessed it---soup or rice cooking feature. On Wednesday morning you might wake up thinking that a stew or roast would be a nice change, so you use the 5 in 1 in its slow cooker capacity: throw in your meat, veggies and fluids in the morning and be greeted with a hot meal at workday's end.

Thursday night comes and you want something light. Steamed prawns and vegetables can be whipped up quickly with this appliance. Come Friday night you might be ready for something substantial and quick, using the electric pot... maybe steak and potatoes before (or after) a week-ending catch-up with your friends.

You get the picture, though: a variety of meals with one appliance that'll look great sitting on your countertop, which means you save even more time by not having to dig it out of the cupboard.

It's time to make things a bit easier for yourself.

About New Wave

New Wave Kitchen Appliances aim to place the world's most innovative products in your hands. While THE Pizza Maker put them on the map six years ago, their range of electrical goods has expanded, allowing you to use some the marketplace's most advanced goods to create healthy meals for your family.

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Construction:Stainless steel finish
Stainless steel steam basket
Removable aluminium non-stick coating cooking bowl
Dimensions:Approximately 35cm high and 37cm diameter.
Capacity:6 litres
Voltage:220-240V 50Hz
Low Pressure Heat:121 degrees
High Pressure Heat:127 degrees
PSI:Low Pressure 10 PSI (70 KPA)
High Pressure 13 PSI (90 KPA)
Warranty:12 month

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Easy to use nice and solid
I bought this cooker after reading other reviews and was not disappointed, however agree that the operating instructions leave something to be desired. The cooker is solid in construction and easy to use so far. I look forward to testing it out thoroughly

Renee Lee

Bunbury WA


Easy Peasy and Great Results
I bought this multi cooker through recomendations from friends. I have never cooked with a pressure cooker before, what fun it is. I read the instructions and thought to myself nah that wont cook so quickly. Well I was wrong it did and very well. so easy to use and clean. I agree with some of you the operating instructions could be a little better but once you have used it you can work it out pretty easliy. I am glad i bought it. I just wish I bought one sooner. Im looking forward to using the slow cooker with the time delay.




Very handy
I've had this for a while now, but have really only started using it, as I didn't have any confidence before. I now use it for slow cooking and for pressure cooking and it's great.

Joanne S



Great buy!
Easy to use & clean.




Use it constantly!
Great investment. I've been using constantly for 12mths so can say it's definitely earned it's spot in the kitchen. This was my first foray into slow & pressure cooking. I bought it more for slow cooking but have probably used the pressure function more often. Slow cooker works well but I would prefer if it had a low/high option like other slow cookers. Steaming is noisy (whistles a lot) so I don't use it much. The non stick bowl seems to get easily scratched - if buying again I would consider getting the stainless bowl too. I often rinse out the bowl and use again for the next dish whether rice to go with the curry (8min!) or just on a big cookup afternoon. Soup function also works well but seems to just be a low pressure cooker. The control panel is simple to use and I love that it only starts counting down timer once pressure is reached making for set and forget cooking. A few other things I'd love them to improve - make it easier to lift pot out the rim is narrow and when hot is tricky to handle. Cleaning around the rim is tricky in the narrow bits, the outer construction is easily dented so not great for transporting, and I find it frustrating that the pressure valve locks the lid when slow cooking & steaming and also locks so you can't put the lid back on quickly. All up a great device that I use a lot.




OMG! I have a new love in my life.... but dont tell my hubby.
Scrumptious risotto, and yummy soups! Why didn't I get one of these earlier? Fantastic product that does exactly as it says.




love it
This machine is worth every penny!




Still learning
The Product is fine The instructions leave a bit to be desired

Don Fraser

Hampton Victoria


What a good find
This is probably the best thing I've ever bought. After I tried out the pressure cooking function I have not touched my other pans or pots for quite a long time. However the browning function seems a little aggressive as food blacken pretty quickly - care needed when browning.




New Wave 5-in-1 Multi Cooker
Love it, only had it for a week, have used the Slow and Pressure cooker functions so far, sits permanently on my bench, even my son made perfect risotto in it.




multi cooker
Having had my multicooker for only a couple of weeks so far i am loving it. still getting used to cooking with the pressure but finding it very easy to use and clean, i got the stainless insert as well as i am not keen on not stick surfaces. am enjoying trying new recipes and now have the confidence to adapt for our taste buds




I actually bought the 6 in 1 New Wave and just love it. Great curries and casseroles - set and forget. What could be better - Oh yes, easy clean up too!


Lane Cove, NSW


Love it!
Easy to use, incredibly fast and clean up is a breeze! Have used to make soup, slow cooked thai green curry, and pressure cooked beef casserole. Success every time!

Jill M



Good slow cooker and pressure cooker, poor browning
The slow cooker and pressure cooker are excellent. The browning function is rather lacking. It only has one power setting, which seems to be "burn". If browning onions, they will start to blacken without ever softening, and I just ruined a curry because the spices went from raw to burnt in no time at all. Apart from that, I love it, and use it pretty frequently, mostly for the slow cooker function. The pressure cooker is great for cooking up beans quickly. I've never used the soup or steam functinos.




Versatile and fast
Really enjoy using this multi-cooker for sautéing and pressure cooking. I use it often for cooking mince using just the sautéing function as I love the height of the bowl, nothing spills over the edge when you are breaking up the mince. Like being able to speed things up if necessary by changing to pressure cooker function. True the rice cooker function is a little loud but meh. A breeze to clean. Invaluable. Buying one for my Mum. Great price, quick delivery :) PS stick to the 'do not fill beyond this level' guidelines....nuff said.




Handy 3 functions
Easy to use. No releasing of steam during cooking using the pressure cook function.I love it and would recommend it. I would call it a 3 function multi cooker as the browniing and soupmaking, to me, aren't real functions of this appliance.

Christine Anderson



Love it
This makes the best mushroom risotto in 7 minutes! I love the fact you can preset it to start the slow cooker function for a couple of hours before you come home so you always have a lovely meal ready for you after work. This is the most used kitchen appliance in my home. Would recommend getting the non-stick bowls as I find the stainless steel not as nice to cook with.




Really pleased with the product. Easy to use and cooks well. Also good quality product.




Best cooker ever!
This is without a doubt the best cooker I have ever used. It browns efficiently, pressure cooks quietly without hassle and slow cooks perfectly. I just love it.


Baldivis. WA


Forget the hundred other products on the market. the last thing you need is a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker and electric frypan taking up much needed cupboard space. This product does it all!! For the price of one machine it does 5 things!! perfect risotto everytime!! Only have half an hour to do dinner and feel like a casserole or curry - no probs! it will be on the table in half an hour!! I use it almost everyday to cook up a batch of soup for lunch in 20 minutes. rice comes out perfect everytime. slow cooked meals come out a treat. love the lid, it is hinged on so no frantically trying to find a clear bit of bench to put it down on while trying to stir! saw some reviews saying the manual is hard to work out especially for the pressure function but they must have changed it because its a piece of cake! you couldn't get more straight forward. couldn't recommend this product enough!!




New Wave Multicooker
Absolutely fantastic, I have two, which I lovingly call the "twins". The fact I can have two meals cooking at the same time, one in each cooker is fantastic for anyone who works fulltime. Have used the slow cooker function which is great but just loveeee the pressure cooker, I had an old cooktop one about 25 years ago which hissed and spat everywhere, this one is so quiet, another feature is does not get too hot on the outside.

Lynette McMahon



must have cooker
Very happy with this cooker. Excellent product.




Much appreciated gift
I have owned this cooker for nearly 2 years and love it. Bought one for my sister and she is thrilled with it as it has such a small footprint. She has already used it for soup and casseroles. Is great for her as she only has tiny kitchenette, so can now cook nutritious meals to keep in freezer.


Adelaide SA


Brilliant Machine!
I love my new 5 in one cooker. I have made stews and soups in it so far and it has performed flawlessly! I have told all of my family to buy one as they are so good. If your after a one pot quick and easy meal you can have a big hearty winter stew made in half an hour! I would recommend them to anyone :-)

Kerri H

Moonta, SA


Excellent Kitchen Appliance.
I've only had this for 2 weeks and I've already used it 5 times ... 2 of those meals lasted my hubby and myself for 4 days at a time. The steamer is a bit noisy but the pressure cooker is perfect for cooking rice ... I got it right the very first time! Impressive. Slow cooked a leg of lamb Greek style and the meat was falling off the bone by the end. Just the soup function left to try but I'm guessing it will be fabulous too. Love being able to brown straight in the same pot too, makes for less cleaning up. The perfect appliance for winter casseroles etc. I can even see myself using this in summer as the unit doesn't seem to emit much heat ( as compared to using an oven ) when pressure or slow cooking. All I need now is an extra bowl for entertaining a group of friends. Absolutely love this machine. A must have for those who love to cook.




I have used my new Multi-Cooker twice now and have found it to be great. Love the multi function ability to brown then either slow cook or pressure cook. It is easy to clean, quick to cook and easy to use. Very Happy !




Multi Cooker
My New Wave multi cooker was used for the first time yesterday for a slow cooker meal and it did a great job. Was a bit worried when only putting in a small quantity of liquid but it was fine. Very easy to clean and look forward to trying out the other functions it offers


Darwin, NT


Kitchen Genius
I bought my Multi-Cooker about 12 months ago on a fantastic deal from Kitchenware Direct and have never put it in the cupboard. It gets used 2 or 3 times each week. The risotto is to die for! and my signature curry dish tastes even better in the multi-cooker. Don't wait any longer. This is the appliance you must have in your kitchen. Cooking rice has always been my nemesis but not with the multi-cooker - easy as! Dinner on the table in 20 minutes and one pot to wash - gotta love that. Absolutely thrilled with the multi-cooker!




Must have
We have had ours for over 12 months, and it has been invaluable, and used weekly! Surprisingly good proportions of the bowl to enable a decent size joint of meat. Simple and intuitive to use, but with sufficient options for cooking. The only issue we have had is that the non stick coating on the bowl has deteriorated. I can only assume it's from cooking meat on the bone, as you often do in stews, the bones have scratched the surface as we always use non metal tools. All in all, I would not be without it.

Sam F



happy vegemite
We are very happy with this Multicooker which does all we ask it to do and food is great!




Happy as Larry
This product is excellent! The biggest pro is the stainless steel bowl. Gret for whipping up a stew/curry in no time. The only cons is when you use the rice cooker it whistle the entire time. All the other rice cooker on the market doesn't make any noise!




Great Product
I love this product, can whip up a casserole in ten minutes gravey beef falls apart, great when you are strapped for time. Have bought two as gifts




Does it all
I love it, have used all cooking modes, need practice for the timing of the pressure cooker but find it very easy to operate. Love the browning function. Gave away my old slow cooker and threw out the worn out rice cooker.




Very useful for busy foodies
This is one of the few electric pressure cookers on the market which advertise their pressure level, and the high pressure of 13 PSI is great! I've had no problems with browning or using the pressure settings, and have found I do not need to wait very long for the unit to get to high pressure. Being able to serve a casserole in under 30 minutes is incredible. Very happy with this purchase. I can't wait to try out the rest of the features.


Cairns, QLD


About a year ago, my eldest daughter purchased this item. She cooks beautifully and nutritiously for a family of 7 and leads a busy life. After hearing how much she liked it, I bought myself one recently and was so pleased with the versatility it offers, I have now bought one for my younger daughter as a gift. After using mine many times, I think every cook needs one of these. All functions on the New Wave 5-in-1 are terrific !

Kerry McEachern



great for everything
I loved this product from the first time I used it. It has many cooking options and you can cook in it almost anything




A bit frustrating at times, but turns out awesome food
I've tried all uses of the machine except for cooking rice (I think microwaving is sooooo much easier and quicker). I find sometimes the cooker is a bit temperamental: during programming, it will sometimes cut straight to 'end' - I've had to make several attempts to get it to do what I want. The pressure valve can also be hard to balance - but from experience, this is not unusual in any pressure cooker. I am extremely impressed by the slow cooking and the pressure cooking and LOVE that I can brown in the same pot! Aside from the programming frustrations, I love it - my kids (16 and 12) both use it and turn out wonderful meals.




Very happy customer
I love this product, I bought it at full price and it was still worth every cent. I was a bit nervous because I was unfamiliar with the brand but the product has served me well for a year now. So nice in winter to come home in the dark and have a warm meal already made.




Super Versatile
I bought this to try and make life easier in the kitchen and it has definitely done that - by giving me more space and more cooking options. Perfect for whipping up a pressure cooked stew in a matter of minutes or setting and forgetting it and coming home to a tasty slow cooked meal. Being able to brown in the pan saves on washing up too. Very happy with my purchase and my sister is jealous - think I'll get her one for Christmas!!




Worst appliance ever purchased!
I purchased a 5 in1 about 9 months ago after reading all of the good reviews----------my experience has been far from good! The first cooker that I received threw an error message continuously and was replaced by new wave (this took a couple of months and multiple emails and phone calls). The replacement cooker is great for cooking rice, but that's about all! It is very fussy about how much food you put in it. If there is less than 4/5 (or more) then the pressure cooker cuts straight to 'end' and you have to start all over again. Not enough water, same deal. Not hot enough before closing the lid to pressure cook and it burns on the bottom. Slow cooking function is next to useless as well as it boils so fast at the beginning when coming up to temperature that food burns on the bottom. I certainly would never buy another one of these! (And for those who are wondering yes I can cook - I have cooking and catering qualifications and am usually considered quite good in the kitchen :) )




Buy one. Nuff said.
See above. Oh, the instruction book was written by a monkey.




fast cooker
(1) great for cooking meaty soups in about 20 minutes. (2) Easy to clean. pressured cooked food usually required more seasonings. (3)would buy the package which contains the stainless steel bowl (4) Fast Delivery. Recevied the cooker in 18 hours!


Freo, WA


Convenient mass gains cooking.
As a regular gym goer I was looking for an easier way to cook the kilo or two of meat im eating everyday. with the 5 in 1 cooker its a breeze, so far some of my favourites are chicken cacciatore, lemon and basil chicken and having some rice cooked. Its convenient i can do prep early in the day and leave it on warm and just pecking at it all day. a great buy A+

Jacob M.

Hobart, Tasmania


Highly Recommended
This is a great product. Love the browning feature which reduces the need for additional pans. Delayed timing is good for ensuring the slow cooking stops at the required time. Having never used a pressure cooker before, this fast and easy option allows a lot of flexibility. Easy to use, clean and reasonably priced for its functionality. Would recommend to family and friends.




This is a brilliant appliance. What I like most about it is the light-weight bowl which is easy to remove and clean, unlike traditional slow cookers where the insert bowl is very heavy and awkward to handle when washing because of the size, weight and shape. I also love the delayed start function because I find most slow cooking recipes only need around 6 hours of cooking time, so if you get the cooker ready in the morning before heading off to work, its too early to start it so that its ready for when you come home of an evening. The delayed start is great allowing the unit to start around noon and have dinner on the table by 6pm. I have used the pressure cooker 3 times and have found it great. I have never used a pressure cooker before so I'm finding it quite interesting. The browing feature is great too. I love not having to use another pan to brown the food before it goes into the cooker. All in all, a great product. I would recommend it to anyone.


Katanning, WA


fantastic product
It's the best appliance I've ever purchased, and came really quiclkly (ordered Wed evening, came Fri morning.


Mt Helena WA


Handy Kitchen tool
I've had my 5-in-1 multi cooker for about 2 weeks and have cooked in it twice. Found it fabulous. Browned and pressure cooked a dish the other night so handy not to get the fry pan out first for the browning. Easy clean up with the nonstick pot. Takes up the same space as my very old Monier Crock pot which died. Happy to try the other options available.

Sharon L

Mooroolbark Victoria


Fantastic appliance
I bought this multi cooker as we are having our kitchen replaced and I needed something that would make life a bit easier with out hotplates or an oven. I have cooked a roast in the pressure cooker which turned out beautifully. I have tried the soup function but found when you release the pressure that soup sprays everywhere but I solved that but moving the valve so it didn't release the air so fast. I love the fact that when it finishes cooking anything it moves to the keep warm function. Can definitely recommend this appliance.




Perfect for Winter
Recommend the NewWave totally. Great for winter, love the risotto but you need to tweak the quantities and times a bit. Have filled the freezer with stock. The only criticism is the top seal is tricky to clean.


Mortdale, Sydney


excellent, saves time and money!!
Excellent product, saves you money by having less appliances, saves you time as you can cook so many things in it. My family love to steam homemade Dim Sims. Cuts down cooking time to nearly half of some recipes, super quick to reheat and keep warm setting is great while you still cooking on the stove! Excellent company as always and super fast delivery cant be beaten, will be back again in the near future!


Mallacoota, Victoria


Love my Pressure Cooker
I just love my 5-in-1 Multi Cooker, I was a bit scared at first, the whole pressure cooker stigma, but my worries where put to ease, it is just so easy to use. I love the browning function, cooking everything up in the one pot then pressing the pressure function and wala 30 mins later tea is ready. The soup function is also fantasic no more soup splatters all over the stove top. I havent tried the rice or slow cooker functions yet but I am sure I will in time to come. Why I didnt buy one sooner I will never know.

Mai-lei Dunston

Staghorn Flat


best eve appliance delivers on everything...think I need to apply for commission just responsible for 7th purchase in my family!


Oakford WA


What a wonderful time saver !!
The new wave 5 in 1 cooker is the most wonderful kitchen appliance I have ever bought. I haven't even tried all of the functions yet, but what I have tried has been so easy to do and saved time. I now make the home made soup that used to take me 3 and a half hours in 1 hour. And with the non stick surface, which is amazing, not even split peas stick!! And that's with no stirring. If you don't have one, get one now. And as always, excellent service and price from Kitchenware Direct......thankyou.

Sue Foggitt



Excellent appliance
This was a mother's day/birthday gift to myself. I had never used a pressure cooker before so after a tentative start I made corned silverside, lamb stew (Masterchef recipe), pumpkin risotto and butterscotch apples all in the first few days. Love it!!




Buy it!
Had some doubts before buying and trying it. But is awesome. Used slow cooker and pressure cooker thus far. Both work a treat. The pressure cooker is great for meals after you get home from work, including risotto that turns out amazing. Slow cooker has been used for a few stews, all very good.


Newton, SA


New favourite appliance
I bought this for the slow cooker, with a vague idea that I might be daring and use the pressure cooker occasionally. I've had it for two weeks, and have used the pressure cooker function 5 times and the slow cooker twice. Slow cooking is great, but you do need to be organised, and being able to make perfectly tender beef bourgignon in half an hour is just amazing. And beans! You don't have to soak them, just put them in the cooker for 20 minutes, and you are done. Best thing ever for vegetarian cooking, and I'm really delighted with it. Also, I love that I can slow-cook a chicken, pull it out of the pot and then put the bones and some water back in with the juices to make stock while I'm having dinner - no extra washing up. My only caveat with this is that the instructions are rather incomplete - figuring out how the valve needed to sit to make the pressure cooker work required a bit of online research. But it was well worth it.

Catherine McLean



Excellent Product
Fantastic appliance, so easy to use. Soup, Pressure Cook, Slow cook, Braising...terrific!!


Perth WA


Hard to pass
Love it....just love it, this pot spends a good bit of time on my bench top. I have used all aspects of this pot and find it hard to put away in the cupboard. Love the fact that you can take the insert out and put it in the fridge and can be returned to the cooker at a later date. I have had this pot 12 months now and consider this is a must for the kitchen of any cook. I am about to order another for my daughter in law.

Lee Elwin

Mandurah WA


Perfect winter gift
Perfect appliance for busy families during winter, quick preparation time, small appunt of cleanup. A mother day present actually appeciated:)


Cranbourne East


My favourite
This is a great product - easy to use, easy to clean, does all that it says. I'm still trying to work out the right amount of liquid with my recipes but other than I use it at least 2x week. Cooks rice perfectly, wonderful stews and soups. Good recipes and instructions




Great product
Love the browning function, and saving space by combining different bulky appliances in one item.




Multicooker review
I purchased the multi-cooker on a great special with Kitchenware Direct. After receiving it less than a week after purchase, i have used the product several times with fantastic results. The slow cook and pressure cook functions are very easy to use while the unit itself is very easy to clean. A fantastic product, would highly recommend to anyone considering an appliance like this!!!

Jessica Howells

Dapto NSW


Best appliance
I have recently bought this cooker and find it to be just wonderful - the best thing I've ever bought! Had soup in 20mins last night, a beautiful Braised Roast Beef - the meat was tender and delicious, plus all the vegies lovely. Finding the times suggested for the slow cooker to be too long but will keep testing. Highly recommend cooker. I only wish this product was out when I was a working mum. The service is also great. Thanks Ann Townsville Qld.


Townsville Qld


Magic cooking
Great new addition to our kitchen. We have used it to make several dishes and rice. The rice was perfect and fluffy, and no mess. Great product




5 in 1 Multi Cooker
Very happy have wanted to purchase one for some time. Also want to comment on the excellent service of your company offers. Will continue to purchase from you and recommend you to others.

Diane Todd



brilliant 5-in-1 multicooker
just wanted to say thankyou for the fast delivery of my multi cooker. i have been looking to buy either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker for ages and couldnt decide which to buy as i hadnt used either. this multi cooker is brilliant. i have tried most of the recipes in the booklet and even had my son eating the lamb curry. a major breakthrough! highly recommended. only down side is it is rather bulky so its now living on my kitchen bench


geraldton. wa.


even mere males can use it!
For the first time, I actually read thye instruction booklet before I even took the cooker out of it's box. The first use was for stewed apples (high pressure for three minutes) and the second was for Chicken and Tomato Casserole/Stew, with almost everything thrown in. Again, just a mere few minutes - beautifully tender, with the flavours melded right through. The next job is to find a cake tin which will fit, and see how the Slow Cook cake turns out. I am really very poleased with this cooker because whilst it is so quick, everything is so tasty.


Port Pirie SA


Newwave Multicooker
Loving this, have made a casserole in the slow cooker, much easier to clean than my old one, and tasted great. Made a soup, so easy and quick. Am loving that you can brown in it first and then cook so much less washing up. All in all great product at an amazing price.


Brisbane, Qld


I cooked up a storm with my 5-1 Multi cooker over the weekend. I was able to use normal recipes and adapt them to the slow cooker without a problem. They are awsome and i now have over a weeks food in the freezer. Yummo




Best Pressure cooker, ever!
The thing I love about this cooker the most, is its pressure cooking. True its a great steamer and slow cooker and a few other bits as well, but its ability to transform meats with more connective tissue, such as as lamb and veal shanks, into gourmet treats, is just astounding. I have used a conventional stove top pressure cooker for years, but the tendency to develop burn spots on the bottom of the pot, has been the big problem. This cooker with its non-stick coating, and a brilliant heat transfer, solves all these problems. I have cooked Osso Bucco, lamb shanks and pea and ham soup with this cooker, with brilliant results. Never a hot spot, no drama pressure seal and release, and a brilliant timing system make this unit a must have for the home cook. Plus as ever, Kitchenware Direct were brilliant with great products, and super fast delivery.

David barker

Waubra Vic


What a fantastic product. Since I bought it we have used it most days.


Stirling Nth


What a machine !!!!
I received my New Wave 5 in 1 cooker a day ago and put it straight into action. Last night I made my famous Minestrone soup. It usually takes me hours to make it. Using the soup function on the 5 in 1, it was done in 35 minutes. And I didn't even have to stir it once. A truly fantastic appliance. Thankyou Kitchenware Direct for having such great quality usual.

Sue F.



Great addition to the kitchen and best friend of my Thermo Chef
I bought a Thermo Chef in November and thought my kitchen was complete until I started reading the reviews about NW 5in1. It didn't take long to be convinced and now the two sit together on the bench. Both are fantastic and very different. The Thermo Chef saves heaps of time. The 5in1 goes quietly about its business and has meals ready to serve when we get home after a busy day and just want to collapse. My poor husband is now wondering what will be next

Rosalie Janz

Sunshine Coaast


Here's to cooking
I was surprised at how easy it is too use.


Wetherill park


Fabulous product
Was concerned at first that I may not have too much use for it. Ha ha. Less than two weeks old and already have cooked lamb shanks twice, osso bucco, cauliflour soup, chicken casserole, beef and mushroom hotpot and tonight I am steaming corn in it. It's home is on the kitchen bench. So many functions in one appliance - amazing. Love my New Wave cooker.


Erskine, WA.


I received my 5-in-1 cooker a couple of days and ago and last night made lamb shanks with the pressure cooker. AMAZING! I got home around 5pm and by 6pm we were sitting at the dinner table eating delicious lamb shanks - the meat falling off the bone. And the best thing? My fussy 3 year old totally tucked in! I do find the instructions a little lacking in specifics but once you start cooking it's really straight forward. I did have a couple of queries regarding the looseness of the valve but both New Wave and Kitchenware Direct answered them quickly and without fuss. I'm making risotto tonight and I've found a great pressure cooking blog with some more great recipes. Second big purchase from Kitchenware Direct and the service is great again.




How can you go wrong ?
Slow cooker, pressure cooker, delay and timer function even lets you brown things first. 22cm inner is a bit small for larger things but it's quite deep. Wish it was 8l rather than 6l.




Massive time saver.
Read the reviews, and took a chance. So glad I did as it has saved me so much time. It is actually faster to use this to whip up a spag-bol, than drive and get take away! I have used every function, and all perform as described. If you are worried about customer service...don't be. The first machine I received had a faulty thermostat- I dealt directly with NW and they had a courier collect the product for repair, and returned the product to my door again. When it failed again, I was immediately sent a brand new one with a complimentary spare stainless insert (the original had the teflon dish) and given a million apologies. They happily replaced it as they stand by the quality of their product. I do believe that original unit failure was "just one of those things" and not a product quality issue. The second unit I received is used many times a week, and has been going strong for over a year now. I would be lost without it! Do yourself a favour, and buy one.




great product
Hi there, we had this product recommended to us by some friends who love to cook - particularly the husband whom is now retired. So we bought it on the strength of his comments on the product. We have used it for only the slow cooking and pressure cooking methods but are extrememly happy with those. We hadn't used a pressure cooker for yer and this aspect of it is fantastic - food is moist, tender and you don't have to think about dinner in the mroning. Love it.




5 in 1 Newwave Multicooker
This one appliance has totally revoluntionised my life. I have never owned a pressure cooker before and remember vaguely the old stove top one my mother had that 'blew up' and ended with the nights dinner on the ceiling. After my 1st use with the 5 in 1 multicooker I was sold and have no worries this will erupt the nights dinner all over the kitchen. It never leaves the kitchen counter because it is constantly in use. I have way more time to relax after I come home after a hard day because it does all the hard work for me. I can now have a beautiful traditionally slow cooked meal ready in just minutes. Just magic - like a chef in the kitchen Thanks Kitchenware Direct and Newwave


Gold Coast


Hubby even uses it
Fantastic appliance. Having a hard time finding location for it as its always on the kitchen bench being used. Getting familiar with all the different functions, but very easy so far. Fantastic meals produced, try the recipes out of the book too.




My new favourite appliance!
I have only had this for a few weeks, but can't stop using it. While not being too familiar with all these appliances I wasn't sure what to get then I saw this. All the functions are so easy to use and have given great results. Never thought I would be able to make such lovely stews so easily. I can't recommend it enough!

J. Curtis



Its is better than great!
I was thinking that it does so many things, it probably didnt do any of them particularily well.. boy was I wrong. This thing is awesome.. great soups, stews, chili beans.. yumm.




Loving my new purchase
I recently purchased the NewWave multi cooker, and I love it. Great capacity for feeding a family. Easy to use, it almost never goes back in the cupboard - especially this time of year. Best soup ever!! Steak & kidney to die for. I'm having a little technical issue, that I need to read the book to work out. The accompanying book leaves a little to be desired, apart from that I am so happy with my purchase.

Jenny Johnson

Berwick, Victoria


4 down, 1 to go
Fantastic cooker, I have used the Browning, Slow Cooking, Pressure Cooking and Soup functions on this little beauty and have only praise to give. I have never before tried to tackle a Risotto and now I have made 2 *perfect* creations with ease. Excited to say I have Steaming delights ahead of me.


Wilmington, SA


Best appliance ever. Great customer service.
I am a chef by trade and love this cooker. My wife especially likes that it make all the cooking functions so easy. It is all programmable and the fact that it looks after itself and isn’t going to “explode” on her is very reassuring. Safer and easier to use than a "Standard" stove top pressure cooker. Self regulates pressure and temperature. When it’s finished cooking it keeps your food warm until you are ready to eat it. This now has a permanent position on our kitchen bench. Easy to use, Easy to clean and best of all is a fantastic cooker. We have made so many different things in this since buying it. Tender Osso bucco and Lamb shanks that fall off the bone in 30mins!!! Tender as if cooked for 4 hours. Pot roasts and risottos so easy! I was initially concerned that I may not be able to fit much into this cooker but it has quite a big capacity. It could feed a large family no problem. Just as good as this product is the fantastic customer service I have received since buying it. The first one we bought was damaged in the post. The customer service team went to great efforts to get us a replacement cooker express posted out to me on the same day. I was very impressed!




I just finally used this multi-cooker after receiving it over a month ago, and I am now wondering what took me so long to use it. It is SO great. I know it will be used weekly if not more often. I'll be surprised if I ever actually put it away.




Never Put Away
After watching comments for over a year finally decided to buy. Very glad I did. Osso Bucco fantastic and am trying other modes of cooking. I just have to say note when depressurising that the release valve notch is pointing in right direction (ie up) or else!!




Most used appliance in my kitchen
I got this for my birthday last year and I absolutely love it! I poach whole chicken, make the easiest and yummiest risotto, stews, curries, butter chicken, bolognese, soup, rice pudding etc in it. Once you get the hang of timings, I just cook most things in my pressure cooker to save time.


Perth, WA


The only cooker I will take caravaning
Havn't long had my cooker. So far made a Hungarian Beef Goulash, slow cook method, very yummy.I recomend it highly.

pamela nugent

Labrador QLD


The multicooker has earned a place as one of my favourite cooking methods - super-quick risotto, melt-in-the mouth duck ragu, hearty minestrone, and a great thai curry are just some of the simple and modern recipes included in the manual. My only suggested improvement would be the option of buying additional removable cooking bowls to enable hassle-free multiple item cooking (eg: curry in one pot, rice in another, and steamed veg in a third). Most highly recommended!




magnificent multi cooker
This cooker does it all. Curries, rice, best rissotto ever. Throw ingredients in and off it goes. Easy to clean.. Looks great on the bench




Lived up to expectations
Has been too hot to unpack the new multi-cooker until now, I have been waiting to make risotto bolognese in it and was not disappointed, it was delicious and pressure cooked in under ten minutes. I did struggle to understand how to seal the lid properly (the instructions are a bit disorganised and sometimes contradict themselves) but I figured it out in the end. Currently planning duck ragu for tonight.




Don't be tempted by cheap alternatives
I stupidly bought a multi cooker that seemed a bargain and it is an imitation copy of this product i know is a good one (mine is a rip off and has unintelligible instructions) - I should have known better as a long time Kitchenware direct customer and stuck with an appliance that is value for money . JJ




Very Happy
Have only had it less than a week and used it 3 times already. It has earned a permanent spot on my kitchen bench it is that good. Effortless risotto that tastes delicious! Quick and easy to clean too.




Love the pressure cooker
I have cooked a few meals with the pressure cooker, the meat is wonderful and tender. Fantastic




My husband LOVES to cook with it!
Chilli muscles in 4 minutes, 100% open. That is all that needs to be said :)


East Fremantle


Best Multi Cooker on the Market
What an amazing piece of equipment, we are so impressed with the Multi-Cooker... We can happily now go for a family bike ride whilst dinner is cooking and boy does it cook up a storm. The product is very easy to use, now we just need to stock up on some more recipe books... Kids love the rice out of it, and lamb shanks to die for... Happy cooking.

Annette B



I hate cooking, and washing dishes. Im not sweating anymore when cooking for my family. Quick and delicious. Wish i have bought this earlier! Love it so much


Perth WA


Best Buy Ever!!!
Do not hesitate to snap up this little beauty. Makes amazing casseroles and tenderises even the cheapest cuts of meat. The 6 in 1 functionality is the icing on the cake. A great product - am a very happy customer.




Great Multi-Cooker
Does what it tells you it will do! I've used the slow cooker and pressure cooker (using the saute function too) and they have worked fine. The instructions can be a little confusing, but it's easy enough to use the product. Wish there were more recipes for electric pressure cookers though!




Really impressed
I am really impressed with this item. It cooks rice far better than my previous cooker, steams and pressure cooks and the the browning function uses enough heat to brown properly. It has replaced by rice cooker, steamer and pressure cooker. Fantastic..




Perfect multi cooker
I purchased this cooker instead of my old slow cooker and now I'm using it every day! I like the pressure cooking and rice cooking best of all.




Best buy
have used slow cook and pressure cook functoins so far. It really works a treat! I am glad I bought this product.




Love it :)
Absolutely no regrets buying this cooker. Has changed my cooking style for the better. Uses much less power than my microwave and cooks faster too. I have previously used an ordinary slow cooker, but slow cooking with this is much better, not sure why, but everything turns out better tasting. Does all that it claims and does it well!


Lockyer Waters


Great product
Gave this to my father for his birthday and he loves it. It is bigger than I expected but takes the place of 5 other appliances, works great

Jessica Youngman



Everything it claims to be.
Does everything claimed with ease and so easy to clean.Main advantage is storage space( if ever it's off the kitchen bench), only ONE appliance to find space for.

Michael Moffitt

Port Stephens


Love it.
Love it!! A friend recommended it to me and I'm so happy she did. Very helpful for any Mum. I also found the manuel wasn't that great but a quick phone call to Kitchen direct help line and I was on my way. Used it three different ways in the first week.. So easy even my husband had a go at using it.




What can I say , best kitchen equipment I have brought this year. Go on and give it a go, you will not be sorry.




Great 5 in 1 cooker
Typical busy household, we both work irregular hours and have bad eating habits. This appliance has saved our health, saved us money (take away ain't as cheap as it used to be) and makes even the cheapest cuts of meat taste delicious. Whether we use the slow cooker or pressure cooker function we are set for the next 2-3 days. Have so far made a beef goulash, a chicken massamun curry and a chicken casserole and we've had the thing for 2 weeks. The large capacity is also awesome. Well done on a great product

Sam Pappas

Melbourne, Victoria


I have used all of the functions and each one proved to be a winner. Probably the best results were a Beef Bourguignonne and a lamb tajine. The browning facility is a winner.




Nice One
I am thrilled with my new purchase, my risotto last night was a brillant success.




Oh what JOY
I ordered two 5-in-1 multi cooker one for my daughter who is a single working mum and it has been such a time saver for her. I have so many items for cooking in my cupboard and have always been a disappointment but not this little beauty..... it has not been of my counter. Made risotto never made it before what a success, everyone was very impressed. We even started a page where we cant swap recipes and tips, thank you so much for this new product love it love it


western australia


Success for a hopeless "chef"
Brillant! I have no culinary skills at all - but no hassle at all and some great meals.




Excellent Unit - Unimpressive manual
Very pleased with the unit, but as mentioned before the manual is't very helpful. doesn't explain the control panel very well at all. easy to clean and very sturdy. still exploring recipes.




Can't live without it!
This is by far the best kitchen appliance I have ever purchased. Because of its versatility, I have been more encouraged to experiment with my cooking which I was always a bit scared to do in the past. In the past few weeks, I have made so many new delicious recipes in the fraction of a time that I normally would because of the pressure cooker. The rice cooker produces gorgeous rice and the browning function is a real washing up time saver. As an added bonus, I have managed to de-clutter my kitchen cupboards with this all in one genius appliance!


Penrith, NSW


Pretty cool so far
Have used the Soup function, pressure cook and slow cook, all turned out good especially slow cook. NOTE: be careful to let the preasure out straight after the pressure cook or soup function as it continues cooking while the preasure is held even when it has switched to warm. I was just a tad disapointed that the rice cooking function isnt automatic like dedicated rice cookers (you have to work out the time) but not to much bother and you can cook white rice in minutes if you use pressure cooking function.




I love this! Fast, easy, healthy cooking. I really love the browning function, I never used to brown things when using my old slow cooker, not enought time and making more dishes... but this is super fast and the browning is all done in the pot, no extra mess and all the flavour stays in!!




Awesome appliance, made risotto in 7 minutes that was absolutely perfect, better than my manual 30-minute efforts and even better than the restaurant! Also does lamb shanks very well in very little time at all. My first unit was faulty: the pressure valve wasn't aligned so the pressure pin couldn't come up, and the knob on the top was excessively wobbly. This caused low and high pressure cooking functions to fail. Took 2.5 weeks to get a replacement, the pin is ok on this one and the knob a bit better. However the first pressure cooking attempt failed, and then I realised that the wobbly knob has to be tilted toward you, not away from you - otherwise it doesn't seal. This isn't mentioned in the manual anywhere and caused a lot of frustration. Overall a good appliance that is easy to use, easy to clean and just a bit harder than necessary to get started with. Still, highly recommended!


North Sydney


Love, love, love!
7 minute risotto the first nite, slow cooked lamb shanks the second, both cooked perfection. Too small for a big family but perfect for 4!




Excellent Product and Service
This multi cooker is brilliant, does everything it promises, and so easy to use. Also very easy to keep clean , fast becoming my favourite kitchen appliance. The service from Kitchenware Direct was superb.

Julie Caswell



Never owned One
Just have to say this style of cooking is new to me. Have never used a Slow/Pressure Cooker before and was a bit daunted by the whole thing. How things change, the 5-in-1 concept is a great idea, followed the instructions and haven't looked back. Great product for the novice, looking forward to cooking more great recipes.


Boyne Island Qld


Best Kitchen Appliance
I love this product. I had never used a pressure cooker before and so far everything has turned out perfect.I've made the best bbq ribs I have ever made, mac & cheese, porcupine meat balls, creamed rice and a great chicken pasta dish.Not only is this product a must have but the service I received from Kitchenware Direct was wonderful .A 5 Star kitchen appliance.


Mount Annan


The Best
I've been using my 5-in-1 Multi Cooker since the day it first arrived with outstanding results! I bought it for the 'slow-cook function' in particular. I'm an early riser anyway.... so I do all my browning, load it up and press start! While at work I enjoy the delicious smugness of knowing that a wonderful meal is cooking, ready to be served as my family gets home at end of day.... and if I get the timing right (and I do) it won't even need reheating! It's just the best money I've ever spent.... not a fan of 'appliances' as such (except for the indispensable Bamix) but THIS MACHINE is a winner, absolutely! It's a good idea to try all recipes in the manual first and then you can do your own favourites.... that way you get to know that you need a lot less liquid in most meals you prepare this way.... results are fantastic..... meat just falls apart whether you've used SLOW COOK or PRESSURE..... our dinner knives have nothing to do!!! I'm now enjoying our mediterranean favourites like 'Stifado' and 'Tas Kebab'. You made a great decision Andrew, load it up and let it amaze you! There are no issues with this beauty! Our son, who is a 20-year old concreter and loves to maintain a ripped physique loves the steamer funtion... all the steamed chicken fillet and brocolli he can handle for all his micro meals throughout the day!




Awesome - Best Product I Own!
I love the 5-in-1 Multi Cooker!!!! It pressure cooks beautifully, it slow cooks beautifully, it cooks rice beautifully and best of all you can brown in the same pan before you slow or pressure cook your meat or chicken!!! I absolutely love it!! It is the best product in the kitchen I own. The service from Kitchenware Direct was also fantastic. You have to buy this product!!


Parkes, NSW


love it
Have enjoyed my first experience of online buying, Love this product, bought it for the caravan, one appliance takes the place of 4-5 and in a caravan space is limited. But love it so much use it inside the home as well, use my hotplates once or twice a week, experiment with lots of food, absolutely love this cooker.

wemie garlich

Perth WA


5 in 1 Cooker
This arrived very quickly in the mail. We have slow cooked roast lamb, pressure cooked duck and slow cooked an amazing Indian Curry so far. Instructions are easy to follow and the unit is easy to clean. The dial on the top to change from pressure cooking to slow cooking is a bit strange until you get used to using it. Overall a fantastic addition to our collection of cooking gadgets.

Ellen Rankin

Talgarno, Victoria


little devil
i think this is the most useful kitchen tool that i have ever bought! on average i use it 4 times a week, not just for tenderising meat, but for all its 5 functions. best investment in years.




Very happy
I am so happy with the 5in1 Multi cooker that i bought another one for my sister in law. I am still exploring all the possibilities that it has and loving the results. If I had enough money to buy one for all my family and friends I would. I'm also happy with the service and speed from kitchenware direct. I'm always a bit wary about buying online but have had no problems from them at all.


Byron Bay, NSW


Love it
I found out about this site from a friend and ordered this pot straight away after she gave me the lamb shanks she'd made in it. I made a special place for the 5-in-1 in my storage cupboard and it has hardly been in there. I've used every function now I think and all good. I intend to try some of the recipes but the instruction book is good enough that I can adapt the instructions to my fridge contents. Good fun, fantastic soup and I'm learning lots. If it would bake cookies and walk my dog my life would be complete!


Glen Waverley


Happy to be under pressure!
I have never used a pressure cooker but do a lot of slow cooking so i bought this appliance to combine the 2. I am so glad I did as pressure cooking is an awesome way to have a melt in the mouth casserole in 25 minutes! I love the browning function too, saves more washing up!!




As a self confessed appliance addict, I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any more appliances (as my cupboard space wouldn't allow it anyway), but I am glad I caved on this one! Soups, casseroles and rice dishes are so quick and easy with this little workhorse, and easy to clean too - I even created more cupboard space by throwing out 3 appliances that it replaced. More appliance orders on the way Kitchenware Direct!


Dianella, WA


Great purchase.
Came to Kitchen Direct via Julie White Blog and Weigh it Up. That recommendation gave me the confidence to purchase from Kitchenware Direct. Delivery was very prompt. I am very happy with my purchase and have cooked a number of meals from the recipe book from the instruction manual. Every dish to date has been great and the family has enjoyed the meals. The pressure cooker is easy to use once you get use to the pressure release valve. If you are after a pressure cooker or are new to prssure cooking like I was then you should be comfortabe buying this 5 in 1 Multi Coooker.


Eltham, Victoria


Never thought i'd be excited about a cooking appliance but here I am, and loving it! Steaming veggies is easy, pressure cooking (having never done it before and now a complete convert) and the service from this company was great. Recommended!




Just brilliant. I cooked the best massaman curry on the weekend. I have always been reluctant with curries and stews as the meat is never as tender as when you purchase a restaurant meal. Not any more, the meat fell apart and the vegies were delicious. Love being able to brown and then cook in the same pot. I was so happy with the product my friend was convinced and bought one for her glory box today! A very big thankyou to the lady at Kitchenware Direct that got an Australia Post Truck unpacked because I had put the wrong address on my order! Very happy with the product and the service.


Broome WA


Get One!
This is an amazing product! I decided on the 5-in-1 after reading all the glowing reviews on this site and I have not been disappointed! Have only used it in pressure cook mode as I'm new to pressure cooking and have been keen to play around with this function - have cooked stews, chilli beans and a veggie soup. I love this new toy.


Gold Coast


Love it!!
i purchased this when it was on sale and i LOVE IT!!! I have only used it a couple of times as a slow cooker and pressure cooker but its fantastic, will definately be raving about it to all my friends! Thanks Kitchenware Direct!!

kelly bailey

Clarkson, Western Australia


Make my day.
This would have to be the most convenient piece of cookware I own. Dinner in minutes with no fuss and so easy to clean. It certainly lives up to its reviews.

Sandra Chaproniere

St Arnaud, Victoria


Must Buy!!
I love this product! Have used the pressure cooker and slow cooker functions so far, with superb results. Just make sure the lid is properly closed when pressure cooking. Highly recommend.


Sydney, NSW


Great product
Have just started using my new multi cooker. It is fabulous so easy to use and the recipes are great! One pot cooking less washing up. A great product and great service from kitchen ware Direct.




Great All in one product
I have used this product now a couple of times as a pressure cooker and while the recipe's take a little adjusting as most are designed for a stovetop 15psi pressure cooker; I still think this is a great appliance to have in the kitchen; I am also replacing my slow cooker which is used 4 or 5 days a week this time of year. Recommend this product

Kerry Taylor



No more pressure cooking
I remember Mum's pressure cooker "going off" on the stove and have had a distrust of them ever since. I bought this cooker on the weight of the reviews, and am perfectly happy with its performance. It has a low pressure cooking setting, which I used to start with, and as I became more comfortable I increased to the high pressure setting. I can whip up a delicious stew in less than an hour that would otherwise take half a day.




Some of the functions haven't used yet. However, it's give me convinient and quick cook for the rice and soup. Feel great. Just the size is little bit too big for single person.




Great product!
Great product, love it! Very easy to use and clean. Expecially pressure cooker with brown function. Beef stew in 20 min, can't believe it! Highly recommended!




One Pot Stop
Fantastic product being able to do everything in the one pot and the cooking times are so quick. Received it within 2 days too which was fantastic.


Perth WA


5 in 1
Prompt delivery. I received the item on the next day. Unbelievable! It’s a very good item. I’ve tried slow cooking, pressure cooking, soups. The only issue I have is that lid doesn’t always seal properly and pressure escapes. I have to open the lid and close it again.


Perth, WA


New to pressure cookers
Having never used a pressure cooker before, the whole process has been a bit of learning curve for me - but a good one. I had no idea that you could do in a pressure cooker what you can in a slow cooker in a quarter of the time! My slow cooker was dying so in my search for a new one I came across this 5 in 1, and I definitely have no regrets. Have used the slow and pressure cooker functions and both turned out well (although my meat can end up a bit tasteless, albeit melt in the mouth tender - not sure what I'm do wrong here but will keep trying). Haven't tried the rice cooker option yet but that was a good selling point for me too. I also feel that it is considerably easier to flash fry in a pan on the stove instead of using the 5 in 1's browning function. It's just quicker and easier (although it is one extra pan to wash...luckily it's my new scanpan so washing it is a breeze - yes I went on a little kitchenware spending spree!). All in all I would totally recommend this product. I was wary about not knowing the brand, but so far it seems to be very good quality.


Perth WA


I'm a fan.
I have never used either a slow cooker or a pressure cooker before. I have to admit I was pretty swayed by the customer reviews, so I bought this 5 in 1. I've tried making risotto and curry on the pressure setting, with fantastic results. I've also tried the slow cook recipe in the booklet for bolognaise. It was ok, but not as good as I was expecting for 6 hours of cooking. So the recipes in the booklet need some tweaking, but the appliance itself is a fantastic investment.


Bridgetown, WA


Very impressed, only one pot to make a whole meal!

Tracey Winters

Clermont Qld


Time saver!
This machine is saving me time in the kitchen! I am preparing stews in 45mins tops! The best thing is, while the food is cooking, I can be doing other stuff.




Multi cooker wonders
Hi I am absolutely in love with this multi cooker best ever purchase and worth every cent . Also a great time saving appliance. thanks My cooking is now done in 1/4 of the time it used to take me before which means more time for myself.

Jashinta Nair

Cairns Queensland


I was in need of a new pressure cooker - as my stove top one was old and unreliable, and I also wanted to buy a bigger slow cooker than my existing one. This cooker was out of stock when I first looked at it but it didnt take long to come back in stock. It is definitely the best appliance I have ever bought. Within the first 48 hous of receiving it, I had made a 25 minute stew (browner and pressure cooker), a Massaman Beef curry (browner and slow cooker) with beans (steamer) and rice (rice cooker). Everything turned out perfectly. An excellent product:)


West Pennant Hills, NSW


Surprise Surprise
I was like all the other people out there thinking if I should buy this or not as it wasn't a brand name I was familiar with. I saw the good reviews but still hesitant until it was out of stock! I finally got hold of it and I was happy that it delivered its promises. The appliance is fairly well made. The brown function was good to use. I made good soup, casserole and rice. I find that the pot is easy to clean with the non stick surface. The only thing is when you release the steam valve be very careful as it releases quickly a fair bit of hot steam.


Carlingford, NSW


Fantastic appliance
I am a historic pressure cooker user (stovetop). I was looking for a slow cooker, but one which I could _brown/caramelise_ in the same pan. This appliance is great. Like so many other reviewers, I was concerned about never having heard the brandname, but this product is well thought out. If you, like me, are an existing pressure cooker user, I have found the brown function a little frustrating as it is slower than hitting a pan hard with gas on the stovetop, it is more like an electric frypan. BUT I love the fact that it is set and forget with the pressure - you literally dial in the time and the appliance will get to pressure and THEN start timing, itself (compared to traditional pressure cookers where you have to listen for when it is steaming too much and reduce temp etc manually). Note also the pan has a non-stick coating. Would thoroughly recommend this product, especially if you are a traditional slow cooker and been to intimidated to try a pressure cooker.

C Roberts



LOVE this machine!
I procrastinated a few months before buying this machine. I had wanted a pressure cooker for a while, and figured I would use the other features. Only had it a couple of weeks and have made soup, a stew, a curry and apricot chicken that turned out ssoooo good. Wish I had bought it earlier. After browning meat for a beef curry though, Ii will just do in a frying pan before putting in machine. Just not quite enough surface area and heat.




The Best Gadget Ever!
The newwave 5in1 absolutely love it . 7minute risotto is absolutely brilliant. No more takeaways needed as you can't beat that!

Cheryl Trought



Multi cooker Brilliance
Believe the other reviews.The first time I used it I cooked the mushroom risotto in recipe section of the booklet and it was amazing .best risotto I've ever cooked and then I did a sausage stew made with bits and pieces in my fridge ..Yummo Great Product


Flinders Vic


I have always been wary of multi-function appliances, as they usually do each thing fairly poorly, so I gingerly hit "buy" on this one. I have since been amazed at how well it performs, with browning, slow and pressure cooking being my main uses. It is just fantastic and I couldn't recommend it highly enough.




Need to be quick
I only have 7 minutes to write this review - because that is how long the Risotto I am making will take to cook in my new pressure cooker! I have had this 5-in-1 for only 2 weeks and already I don't know what we have done without it. The slow cooked shanks ready after work were delicious and I now have several casseroles in the freezer. This appliance is easy to use and clean and is of high quality. - HIGHLY recommended.

K Robinson



Could not be more simple to use !
The Multi-Cooker is well made and gives excellent cooking results. Have tried both pressure & slow cook methods with great success. Prefer using the pressure cooker as it so quick and must certainly save electricity.

Jim & Jan



5 in 1 cooker
A brilliant item and most favourite for me. Being able to brown the meat & veg in the same pot then slow or pressure cook it is brilliant. Pumpkin or Cauliflower soup in 20 mins or a slow cooked dinner. Best rice cooker I've found too and it's all kept warm once cooked. Too easy to clean as well. You're on a winner with this purchase & I luv mine.

Kerry Patterson

Melbourne, Victoria


Get ready for great meals!
The multicooker has revolutionised our meals -does everything perfectly




What numnut forgot to hit the start button before I went out? Yep. Me. Not a problem - just change setting to pressure cook - then back to slow cook to finish it off. Easy. Love it. Buy it!


Mid North Coast NSW


5 in 1 multi cooker
nothing more to say than just get one ,you wont be sorry. it is great




great product
I can see that this product will be working overtime in my kitchen. Love it - even though I forgot about the keep warm function (first time I used it) and kept the osso bucco warm for an extra 3 hours - at least I found that it did indeed keep it warm and moist




Best buy ever
This would have to be one of the easiest to use and best appliances I have bought. It takes pride of place on the kitchen bench, theres no point putting it in a cupboard because it is being used all the time.


Narrogin WA


This cooker is great. So very happy with the price, the ease of usage, and the delicious meals. As a working and studying mum i can make meals in minutes. Highly recommend.

jaine shannon



What a versatile appliance - I've made fantastic soup, used the browning and slow cook function, high pressure cooking and tonight made an amazing risotto. It has changed the way we cook.




Fantastic Buy
I bought this product as my old pressure cooker had died on me. Its a wow in my family. So easy to use and the best part is its easy to clean. Love it.




Money well spent!!
I think every ones comments of this appliance sums it up! It really is the best appliance I have ever bought! The delay start especially, as most others don’t have this function.


Perth WA


best thing ever :-)
we needed a new slower cooker and after looking decided on a multi cooker...i am still wondering why i have never owed a pressure cooker , for time stressed people it is a god send...silverside in 40 minutes, casseroles in 30 min , sausage casserole 7 min and bestest chicken herb and spinach rissoto in 7 minutes......and money saving , cheaper meat cuts and no need to buy takeaways as its quicker to cook than going to buy it... . oh and i have been cooking meat and some vegies in cooker and if we need more vegies etc put them in the microwave so not a lot of dishes......the best ever


snowy mountains NSW


quality and good price
a consumers best combo...a quality item at a very good price.If it lasts for years it would be the perfect kitchen appliance.The finish and design are excellent and once you have mastered the control panel you will be able to experiment with a huge variety of meals with the one appliance.Thanks Kitchenware Direct for another quality item.

Martin Damo



1 does it All
Wow... The 5 in 1 multi cooker is by far the greatest appliance I have ever purchased, I have a rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer and several pots and pans which take up alot of room in my cuboards, The 5 in 1 does it ALL. You will not be disssapointed if looking at purchasing




Makes other appliances redundant
I am so happy with my Multi Cooker. I really find the browning function brilliant, being able to truly do it all in one pot and so easy to clean after. It looks good as well, so I leave it on my benchtop all the time. Would also like to commend Kitchenwaredirect on their speedy delivery service.

Sandra Strachan

Perth, WA


Love it!
I have had a great time experimenting with my new Multi cooker. I bought it more as a slow cooker but have found its the pressure cooker I have used the most so far. The brown and keep warm function are so handy. It really is one pot, super easy, set and forget cooking. Perfect for a busy time poor mum like me.




Simply the Best!
This is the best appliance I have ever owned. it does everything I need and is especially great for winter meals. It is so handy as I am a working mum to be able to put it on and know that I will have a nutritious and well cooked meal when it is finished. I love it!!

Dannii G

Canberra ACT


Best Buy
The 5-in-1 cooker is by far the best thing I have ever purchased. After months of disagreeing with my parter about weather to get a slow cooker or pressure cooker I finally found this wonderful machine and it is by far the best of both worlds plus more. We haven't cooked a meal on the stove since buying this product, everything comes out perfectly tender and delicious each and every time. We have made leek and potato soup with the soup function,the most tender fajita's with the pressure cooker and the slow cooker wow my butter chicken now just melts in your mouth. The brown function is a god send and our butcher bill has halved since using the 5-in-1. I don't know how we lived without it.




Love, love, love
19 minutes including prep time to cook up lamb, onion, fennel, potatoes with rosemary and white wine using the brown function and the pressure cooker. The lamb was tender and juicy and I wept over the yumminess of the potatos. A great device for busy, busy people who want home cooked food.




Great multi-tasker
Really happy with this cooker - poached chicken, rice, soup, steamed vegies all cooked really well. The hinged lid is a great help - don't have to find somewhere in my tiny kitchen to put a hot lid! User manual very helpful.


Port Pirie


awesome concept
excellent service from kitchenware direct,prompt delivery, this multicooker is a real gem having all the functions in one pot is just great no need use more pots/pans,will have lots of fun trying out all the functions, whoever designed this pot is a genius


western australia


you must believe in reviews....i read every one before buying this.....otherwise i may not have bought's fantastic.....everyone was right, easy to clean, easy to use, goodlooking!!...what more could you want....

Claire Hinge

Healesville, Victoria


Did send it to my son, who starts his own houshold and is a great cook - he loves it! So I will buy one for myself now :-)


Mt. Tamborine


Slow cooking heaven! Love the fact that you don't have to brown the items in another pot & then put them in. Only one problem, couldn't carve last night's chilli & fennel pork roast, it was too tender!!




This is a god send for a busy working couple. My husband and I can always prepare a nutritious meal either before we go to work using the slow cooker option, or when we get home using the pressure cooker. Soups are super fast using our 5-in 1 Cooker.

Kerry Hite

White Gum Valley WA


Perfect Slow Roast Christmas Lamb
A half leg of lamb for Christmas dinner was the first thing I tried in my new 5-in1 Multi Cooker, and the first time I used a slow cooker. I decided to take a risk cooking a significant part of a family meal because of all the great reviews. It was wonderful! Even people who didn't like lamb were converted. I cant wait to use all the other functions.

Melanie K



Great time saver
This is a great slow cooker having multiple functions so you can do it all in one pot. Meat is very tender and vegetables are so tasty! Only draw back is that the rice cooker function doesn't have an automatic stop function like my old rice cooker.

Kristen N

Wollongong, NSW


A great convenience
I love how versitile this appliance is - in fact it's retired my old rice-cooker and many of my saucepans. I use it pretty much every night. My only problem has been the lid doesn't always seal, and pressure escapes from the side of the lid. It's just been a matter of re-opening the lid, and trying again for it to seal properly.




wow i dont normally write reveiws but this is fantastic have cooked slowcooked meals and pressure cooked meals all were perfect keeps it warm too it

garry wilson

st clair


Recently took delivery of my 5-in1 Cooker and it's brilliant. Now I can brown and cook meals in the one pan. Slow, quick or in betweem it's great. Love the way I could brown the meat before adding other ingredients then cook a casserole so quickly and efficiently. Where have you been all my life?

Kerry Patterson

Springvale South


Bought it - LOVE IT!
Slow cooked the best roast-pork I have ever had. The Pressure cooker function is phenomenal. The Delayed starts and timed finish really makes life easy. Highly recommend.


Bris Vages, QLD


From Frozen to Cooked in an Hour
Great for time poor people and those that want a fast nutritious meal




An appliance that does what ???
Look at what it can do for you - what more could you ask for.

Anne S

Doncaster, Victoria


Fantastic cooker, i can't wait to tell my family about this.


Brisbane, QLD


Fantastic, have cooked 8 x Different dishes using the pressure cooker, slow cooker, electic pot and steamer. it is just fantastic, great and so easy to use.
the rissoto cooked perfect. steamed a chicken, so juicy and so tender. done some lamb hocks, fell of the bone and should have cooked double amount (just delishes). Have allready told heaps of freinds about this little buetty.


Canberra, ACT


Finally efficiency + affordability
I have used slow cookers and pressure cookers for 23 years of marriage, but this 5 in 1 is simply fantastic, a must in every kitchen as its versitility is unsurpassed, I absolutely love the browning, timer and keep warm functions. Everything I have cooked has been as I planned. I am completely delighted with the purchase


Christine Dall'Alba

Gordonvale, Qld


Can't live without this
This is the most genius kitchen gadget I have ever bought. It is a slow cooker, a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, and a steamer all in one. You can do a delay start and it keeps it warm if you want to eat a bit later. I only wish I had bought this on Kitchen Warehouse Direct. I could have saved a heap!!! Great for winter meals!


Perth, WA