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Achieve variety in the kitchen without the clutter of multiple devices with this 6-in-1 Multi Cooker 6L. The all-in-one one unit handles the workload of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, soup pot, deep fryer and electric pan in a compact easy to use device that will look great as a permanent fixture of your counter.

The 6 in 1 multi cooker is New Wave's latest addition. Similar to the 5-in-1 Multi Cooker, it now features a deep fryer function for even more options in the kitchen.

Features of the 6-in-1 Multi Cooker:

- Pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, soup pot, deep fryer and electric pan all in one appliance!
- 12 safety protection measures
- 6 litre capacity
- 2 pressure levels, high and low
- Black gloss finish
- Non stick removable inner bowl (Additional bowls may be purchased)
- Deep fry basket and steam rack included
- Digital timer with countdown
- Pre-set timer
- Automatic keep warm function
- 12 month warranty

It's time to make things a bit easier for yourself.

About New Wave

New Wave Kitchen Appliances aim to place the world's most innovative products in your hands. While THE Pizza Maker put them on the map six years ago, their range of electrical goods has expanded, allowing you to use some the marketplace's most advanced goods to create healthy meals for your family.

Construction:Stainless steel steam basket
Removable aluminium non-stick coating cooking bowl
Dimensions:Approximately 36cm high and 38cm diameter
Capacity:6 L
Voltage:220-240V 50Hz
Low Pressure Heat:121 degrees
High Pressure Heat:127 degrees
PSI:Low Pressure 10 PSI (70 KPA)
High Pressure 13 PSI (90 KPA)
Warranty:12 month

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A Winter favourite.
I've had my cooker for about 6 months and I used it every week during winter. It's not that complicated to use, I think some people just don't read manuals! I found the lid easy to operate and the way that it is designed means you can remove the lid completely for cleaning which is very handy when you cook things like curries that tend to retain the smell if you can't give it a thorough clean. I have only used it as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, and pan, I have not tried the deep fry, soup or rice functions. I have been very happy with all the functions I have used it for.




Great Appliance
I mainly use the browning and pressure cooker functions. I have had the 6 in 1 since for almost a year, use it regularly and am happy with the results. Easy to use; easy to clean. The CPU died shortly after purchase but was replaced quickly and with no fuss. As an added bonus, Newwave picked up the 6 in 1 from my home and dropped it back in once repaired. Great service.




This is the best appliance I have in my kitchen.I use it every day.

Carolyn Vale

Hallidays Point


Instruction book could do with clearer instructions
I bought the 6 function cooker. I initially had problems working out the controls but had good help from kitchenware direct staff. I have found that the slow cooker cooks much quicker and seems to be a higher setting than my previous slow cooker. I would not want to leave it on all day whilst I was at work. Other functions are great.


South Australia


loving this new cooker
We've used this nearly every night since we got it and everything we've tried has come out really well. We did have a couple problems at the start with the unit failing to reach pressure - but that turned out to be our fault. Once I'd managed to burn the food onto the bottom of the pot while browning and so the unit got too hot and shut off. And once it did the same thing because there was not enough water in the cooker, but once I added water it worked fine. As described by other reviews, the buttons are not completely intuitive and the manual is pretty poor - but once you figure it out it's fine.




5 in 1 pressure cooker
I love my New Wave 5 in 1 Pressure Cooker. I hardly use my stove anymore. It's fantastic. I would love to have the 6 in 1 now, but I can't justify buying another one, when mine works perfectly. Couldn't live without it.




Great Item
I love my New Wave 6-in-1 Cooker. The only down side is the instruction book as it seems to relate mainly to the 5-in-1 cooker. I have eliminated my rice cooker and slow cooker from the kitchen bench top. It makes great fried rice and stews.




Great Multicooker
I purchased this originally looking for a new slow cooker but now the pressure cooker is definitely the most used function. It cooks food really quickly and the meat comes out succulent and tender, the instructions do leave a little to be desired but its very easy to work out how to use.

Ali McMillan



I've had mine for 2 weeks now and still haven't got as far as turning it on. I've tried to read the manual several times but I can't even figure out how to attach the lid. I'm not an idiot, but this thing has me beat so far.




Great to Use
I have always loved my slow cooker, now I love my 6 in 1 Multi-Cooker. Have not had it long but it is great, however one problem is the instruction book does not seem to be for the 6 in one as you need to push the multi function pad before anything else and the book does not say that. Also how do you set the pre timer the main reason I brought it. Still love it though.


Adelaide, Soth Australia


Great Appliance
I decided to buy one of these so I could get rid of some of my other appliances ie Pressure cooker, Steam/rice cooker and slow cooker to give me more room in the cupboards!! I probably wont use the fryer as such but how much easier it is to brown the food before slowcooking all in the same pan. Steamed veggies a doddle and so easy to clean, Great Machine, love it!




I love this product. I use the pressure to cook veges for 2 mins and done. The slow cooker after I saute meat and onions. One pan cooking at it's best.

Dianne Fitzsimmons

Western Victoria.


Easy to use
I have discarded my old slow cooker, have cooked soups,rice, risotto and slow cooked large pieces from bolar blade to fish. Brilliant and easy to use, the browner makes the unit less messier, my three young grandsons love Poppies cooking in the 'new cooker.'


Kilsyth Vic


Another great appliance
I was uncertain about buying the New Wave 6-in-1, especially as some earlier reviews had talked about the poor quality of the instruction manual and the trouble they had getting it working. However, the current manual is excellent and, as test, the first thing I did was make Nigella's "Tuscan Fries" to see how well the fry option works. It was magnificent. The other functions seem to work just as well. The 6-in-1 replaces a Telfa pressure cooker that was OK, but was outclassed by the multi-function options of the New Wave.




very poor cooker
Do not buy this machine. The pressure cooking function does not have the pressure of a dedicated pressure cooker and it will try and use pressure even if the lid is not locked resulting in steam over everything. Pressure cooking cut meat and veges is ok but if you have used a real pressure cooker this is a joke when it comes to large cuts of meat. The deep fryer is simply the heating element with a flimsy basket. Instructions say it takes 25 mins to come to heat, I tried and it still wasn't hot enough so used a saucepan. There are no dedicated deep fryer functions. Despite following use and cleaning instructions the non stick coating is starting to break down after four uses. I haven't used the slow cook function but it would probably be ok given it has no heat strength. I totally agree with Eugenio, this is not a cooker for anyone wanting to produce good food. A waste of time and money.


Gold Coast


As a busy mom I wanted something that could reduce my time spent in the kitchen while making the prep less stressful (yes, a chef would've been lovely). I have used this multicooker twice already. I have tried the mushroom risotto in the user manual booklet. I have never before even attempted such a dish purely because it sounded complicated and I don't have the time to stand there stirring the pot until the cows come home. Well, risotto was done in 15 minutes and super delicious. Even my fussy eaters came back for seconds. It took no time at all and cooking hasnever been such a pleasure. It now has a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.




Makes life easy
Such a good all in one cooker. We love the deep fry functionality and the slow cooker best. I've already thrown out my old rice cooker also. I like that it's so small, as my kitchen is tiny. It doesn't take up space for such a great appliance!!!




Great pressure cooker
Replaced another electric PC with the New Wave and use it several times a week. It works perfectly fine so I have no complaints. Yes the instructions are a bit dodgy and the lid assembly a little finicky but it all works, and works well. Haven't used the slow cooker function yet as I much prefer pressure cooking.


Melbourne, Vic


Love my 6-in-1 Cooker!
I have been raving about it to my friends. I'm really pleased I made this purchase and it was not easy given I already own a lot of kitchen appliances that I hardly use. I wanted to be sure it'd be worth it and it is. I've used most functions except the deep fryer - which is the one thing I don't own - however I thought it would be handy. I don't deep fry and never have but I did think that this will probably do a decent job for the very odd time I might use it. The rice and slow cooker functions are great but the pressure cooker is fantastic! I now make many of my slow cooked meals as pressure cooked ones - so much quicker and the meat is so tender and juicy and the flavour wonderful. All in a fraction of the time. It takes two extra minutes to just make sure you learn the settings etc but don't be scared of pressure cooking - it will change your cooking especially if you've a family to feed after work. As per the other reviews the instruction book is poor which annoys me because it wouldn't take that much to improve it or put improved instructions on the web.


St Ives, NSW


Instructions hard to read but happy with Cooker
So far I've used it to cook a risotto, bolognaise sauce, a casserole and deep fry calamari, and have been happy with the outcome. My only 2 gripes are that the instructions are hard to understand so it's a bit trial an error. Also, I've noticed that the liquid doesn't thicken as much as I want so maybe I need to put it on for longer. Overall, I like this appliance.

Dee W

Berwick VIC


I have used this amazing pressure cooker everynight for the past month. It took a while to get the hang of the different functions but now I can get rid of appliances that I no longer need like the rice cooker and crock pot.




Love it
I have had the 6 in 1 for 2 weeks and have tried 5 of the 6 functions all work exactly as I expected and all in in 1 appliance. What a great space saver.


Wishart QLD


Very disappointing!
I read the reviews and was soooo excited. Tried 3 of the 6 and asked for my money back, not one of them functioned correctly. I commend Kitchenware Direct for their professional service but I wouldn't waste your money on this product.




6 in 1 Multi Cooker
This will be a gift. It looks so good, though, and seems to offer the options I am looking for, might have to buy another for myself. The option of having all those other otions are what interest me, instead of multi appliances in the kitchen cupboard.


Mildura, Vic


Only had the 6 in 1 for a few weeks now and am absolutely in love with it. Have used the pressure cooker, steamer, slow cooking and frying function and am so happy with it. Family's favourite fruity beef casserole normally takes around 2 hours but with the pressure cooker it was cooked in 25 mins - and the meat just melted in your mouth - I didn't think I could improve on the original recipe. The ultimate test for me was my bolognaise sauce (for lasagna). It normally takes me around 2 - 3 hours of simmering in a large 14 litre pot. I filled the pressure cooker with all the ingredients (probably about 5 litres) and pressed 30 mins. The taste was the same, if not a little richer, than my 2 - 3 hour saga. Also made my usual 25 minute pumpkin & chicken risotto - it only took 7 minutes and the taste, according to the rest of the family was better than other "cook top" version. I'm Italian and really into my food and was a little sceptical about all the fuss but it's all true. Manual missing a lot of detail as it's a little out of date but the help desk number in the manual will fill in the gaps for you.


Melbourne, Victoria


Multi Cooker
Not happy,sent it back Very flimsy basket, not suitable for anyone with weak hands.




Very Happy
Received the product about two weeks ago. Love it! Have only really used the high pressure plus browning functions so far (I purchased it specifically as a high pressure cooker - the other features are just bonuses). Have made massaman curry, pork roast, rice pudding, risottos etc. Have also used the delayed start function. Only downside is that instruction booklet is not very clear, but the New Wave customer support was excellent on the two occasions I called (once about how to set the timer, the other to confirm maximum time limit for high pressure cooking). As this is the first pressure cooker I have owned, I do not know how it compares to others but I am very happy with it.


Annandale NSW


Love the multicooker
I absolultely love this cooker - great rice, the pressure cooker is amazing (haven't used before). As a busy working mum I can get great meals out quickly. The slow cooker makes terrific beef/lamb pie filling which is a winner in our house in winter. I've gotten rid of 4 appliances and replaced with this and very happy so far.




Very Disappointing
I purchased this product in the hope of replacing my stove-top pressure cooker (unusable after 20 years due to having an induction stove). The pressure cooking function of this device is inadequate for my purposes, since it takes nearly as long to cook with it, as a regular stove-top pot. An oxtail stew which takes 3.5h in an ordinary pot was still too tough after 1.5h in this device (a time usually perfect using the stove-top cooker). It seems like the pressure and temperature on the High Pressure setting are just too low, not to mention the silly limit of 40mins cooking time, which requires resetting to continue. The first thing I tried to make after getting this gadget was some french fried potatoes, using the deep fryer function. They came out all soggy and oily, even after frying until they were looking nearly burnt. The user manual mentions making sure that the oil temperature was high enough, but there is no setting or indication for this on the machine. Using a thermometer, I discovered later that it takes an incredible 40mins for the oil to reach the recommended frying temperature (from room temp), and there is nothing on the unit to indicate that this has been achieved. To me this is another indication of an under-spec heating system, and a user interface designed by someone who does not cook. The local NewWave rep has failed to get back to me with a response to my issues in 2 weeks now. I will force myself to try the Slow Cook function soon, but I have lost my enthusiasm and motivation for this unit. I would not recommend it to anyone who actually likes cooking or good food.

Eugenio Bini

Banjup, WA


must have appliance
I bought the 5 in 1 a year or so ago & I absolutely love it. So when I saw they had brought out a 6 in 1, I had to upgrade! I use this cooker a lot and it is great to be able to fry off food in the one pot then pressure/slow cook it. Highly recommend this appliance and also the Kitchenware Direct service, item was posted the next day and then received it the day after that.




One pot wonder
Have used the Multi Cooker twice and am very impressed. Browned the meat and onions, add in the ingredients switch onto slow cooker and a superb curry was created. One pot cooking at its very best! Now have more room in our cupboards as have ditched the rice cooker, the slow cooker, the deep fryer replaced by one great piece of equipment.

Dave Schumacher

32 Montego Way, Halls Head WA 6210


Still working it out but happy
Bought this after two friends raved about the 5 - in 1 cooker. Have not tried the deep fryer yet but have given the other functions a good going over - am most impressed with the penne recipe where you can brown the bacon, garlic and onion, then add the passata and then the pasta and then cook it and then enjoy! Seriously, only using one pot instead of the frypan and a saucepan for boiling the pasta is fantastic. Cooks rice beautifully too and the curry made from scratch using the pressure cooker was not only tasty and melting but short time it took to cook was a huge bonus. Only complaint I have so far is the size of the inner bowl, wish it was a bit bigger but there again, I have still to find it a home in my kitchen and it is big enough!!

Pamela V

Doncaster VIC


Purchased this after reading all the fabulous reviews about the 5 in 1 - very happy I did - used the Pressure Cooker function last night and had a beautiful Beef Goulash in 40 mins instead of 2 1/2 hours! Highly recommend this product!