Zyliss Swivel Peeler

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Based on the same award-winning design as Zyliss's innovative thin skin peeler, this swivel peeler is an all-purpose tool that's up for any job. Features include an angled handle for expert control, a compact shape for easy storage, and chic two-tone colouring.

The true beauty of a Zyliss peeler, however, is all in the handle. Precision balance yields expert control while an ergonomic, non-slip design maximises comfort and safety in either hand.

All Zyliss peelers feature swivelling hardened steel blades that stay sharp longer and integrated digging tools for removing blemishes from your food. Dishwasher safe.

Brightly coloured, brilliantly designed, and always affordable, Zyliss kitchen tools are Swiss innovation at its finest. All Zyliss are backed up with a 5-year limited warranty.

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Construction: Steel & Plastic
Blades: Hardened stainless steel
Dimensions: 19.5cm (L)
Weight: 100g
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher safe
Warranty: 5 year limited

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Best peeler on the market!
If you need a peeler, buy this one. Sharp and it stays sharp (had mine over 5 years), the handle is comfortable to hold and the swivel easily manouevres around whatever you are peeling. Just bought my mum one as she used mine recently and said how good it was compared to one she had.


Sunshine Coast


Great and sharp
I had a peeler that I bought from Thailand for 10 years. Recently, the old gal dies on me. She is not as sharp as she used to be. So, I researched many peelers and found this one to be the best. I was not wrong. This Zyliss peeler is very sharp. The swivel blade make it so easy to peel at any angle. The handle has good grip. I also like the fact that it comes with blade guard so after washing and drying, I can put the blade guard back on and throw it in the draw without having to worry that it might accidentally cut me when I move my utensils in the draw around.


Patterson Lakes


Simple, sharp and easy to use!


Dorrigo nsw


Ergonomic sense
Very ergonomic peeler that makes peeling easy. Very sharp blades so need to watch what you are doing but great for harder peels such as pumpkin and melon.. I use it to peel lovely ribbons of zucchini for my zucchini salads. It is small and easy to store and easy to clean.




Best Peeler ever!
I've had this peeler for over 5 years and about to buy another just in case I loose this one! Without a doubt the best peeler I've ever used! BIG THUMBS UP!


Sydney Australia


Arthritis Compatible
I suffer from arthritis in my hands and was finding it difficult to peel potatoes with my old peelers. It has taken me a long time to find a peeler that is easy for me to hold and sharp enough to peel quickly, cleanly and smoothly. The Zyliss peeler is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to trying more of the Zyliss utensils.

Marion Williamson

Melbourne, Victoria


Zyliss Swivel Peeler
This peeler works well, sharp and clean job

Nola M Shelley



I use both my left and right hands for kitchen tasks, this peeler is comfortable in either. Very light and quick to use. Will buy again.


Cranbourne Nth


Fantastic peeler
These are the best - even make pumpkin easy to peel ! Great design in hand as well - easy to work with.




The best peeler ever
Easy to hold and grip, lightweight and with a sharp blade this peeler is perfect. So much easier to use than the supermarket cheapies!

J Bassett



What a beauty!
Without a doubt the best peeler I have owned.


Karratha WA


The best and only peeler you will ever need
Like all the zyliss range, this peeler is so easy and safe to use. Feels great in your hand and the large sharp blade peels so fast! Has all my friends and family wanting one. I have now have drawers full of zyliss utensils and wont use anything else